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Madison New Cemetery


From: The Madisonian, March 17, 1933

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Recent visitors to Madison were Misses Margaret and Elise Gibbs who came to Madison to plant shrubs and beautify their God’s acre in the Madison cemetery.


Many years ago Miss Fannie Martin, their beautiful mother, was the oldest of the children of a large family living in the Martin colonial home on North Main street when the mother of the house died leaving eight children. This devoted daughter, then sixteen years of age, gave up her college life and gave her days for many years to the rearing and care of her little brothers and sisters.


And it was not until the children were grown that she would consent to marry the valiant Confederate soldier, Dr. Preston Gibbs, ad distinguished druggist. After a few years of ideal life in her own home was repeated the tragedy of her girlhood when she was left a widow with three darling little daughters.


She lived to see each of these daughters, Misses Coline, Margaret and Elise Gibbs, filling positions of prominence and trust and some years ago she moved to Atlanta to share with them their broader and more abundant life and to bask in the success of these three wonderful Madison girls.

Not very long ago with breaking hearts they brought this, loved mother to rest beside her husband in their burial lot here. This sacred place brings them again and again to the home of their childhood.

From: The Madisonian ​February 16, 1934

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