Charles William Baldwin
Genie Maude Wilson (his granddaughter)
in "The Ideas of a Plain Country Woman."

Charles William Baldwin was a captain in the Confederate Army, wounded in May 1864 at the Battle of the Wilderness near Richmond, and then hospitalized in Danville, VA. He then returned to Madison. When Sherman's Union Army marched through Madison, he was captured, carried to Savannah and imprisoned at Hilton Head, SC.

"Charles W. and Alicee Shepherd Baldwin, brought up to manhood Bennie and Carter Shepherd, their two oldest boys, and then moved to town into the house once occupied by Bill Prior. They moved to town to seek more well-paying work. The younger children, Charlie, Billie, Sallie, and Pierce, while big enough to have come into their teens and enjoying a country rough and tough life, were able to attend school in town and get those advantages. This was about 1887. About that time, he was elected Clerk of the County Court and held this office till he died in 1902. He was a well-educated man, having earned a diploma from Mercer University in Macon. He was also a good leader of men and well-liked by his fellow men. "His life was certainly shortened by the loss of his dear wife. While we lived in town, he was taken sick and soon passed away."