NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.


Surname - K

Kelley, James Franklin III (Memorial)

Kelly, John Edwin (Fairview)

Kemp, Lurline Rigdon (Memorial)

Kemp, Tinsley Detrick (Memorial)

Kennedy, Martha Sue Alliston (Memorial)

Kennedy, Ronald Earl (Memorial)

Kennedy, William A. (Memorial)

Kennybrew, Robine (Old)

Key, Charles Oglesby (Old)

Key, Daughter (Old)

Key, Miss Rebecca J. (Old)

Killian, Cynthia (Old)

Killian, Cynthia E. (Old)

Killian, Daniel (Old)

Killian, Richard Talmadge (Old)

Killian, Robert Cleveland (Old)

Kimbrough, Ada Bryant (Fairview)

Kimbrough, Allen Brownlee (New)

Kimbrough, Annie Pauline McLeroy (New)

Kimbrough, Robert Newton Sr. (New)

Kimbrough, William Henry Jr. (Fairview)

King, Allene Cross (Fairview)

King, Bob (Fairview)

King, Corena Colquitt (Fairview)

King, Dorothy Prince (Fairview)

King, Douglas Lester (Memorial)

King, James Barron (Fairview)

King, Lillie Belle Horton (Fairview)

King, Lois B. (Memorial)

King, Mary Frances Jones (Fairview)

King, Robert Louis (Memorial)

King, Ulyesse Sr. (Memorial)

King, Wheeler Lucius Sr. (Fairview)

King, Wheeler Lucius Jr. (Fairview)

Kirby, Sandra Lee Faloon (Memorial)

Kirk, Charles James (New)

Knight, Gazaway Lamar Bugg (New)

Knight, Gussie Tompkins (Memorial)

Knight, Harry Lamar (Fairview)

Knight, Isabelle Hill (New)

Knight, Jesse Dewitt (Memorial)

Knight, Nelle Bradford (Fairview)

Knott, Tandy Charter (New)

Knott, Claudia Furlow (New)

Knott, John Francis (New)

Kocher, Kenneth (New)

Koger, Butler Fitzpatrick (New)

Koger, Infant (New)

Koger, William B. (New)

Kolb, Nancy "Ann" Clowers  (Old)

Kolb, Wilds (Old)

Koone, Rose Marie H. F. (Fairview)

Krieps, Evelyn W. (Memorial)

Kunkler, Catherine Long (Memorial)

Kunkler, David Lee (Memorial)