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NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.


Surname - N

Nail, Infant Son (New)

Nail, Oscar G., Jr. (New)

Nance, A. (Old / Confederate Sec.)

Nations, Alec Clay (Memorial)

Nations, JoAnn Wren (Memorial)

Neal, Harry Kay (Old)

Neal, Lynne Paul Claxton (Old)

Neaves, Robert H. (Old / Confederate Sec.)

Neff, Emmie Louise (New)

Nesbitt, Betty Jane Parrish (Memorial)

Neugebauer, Phillip Donald, Sr. (Memorial)
Neugebauer, Shirley Annette Dunn (Memorial)

Newbern, Nancy Ann Russ (Memorial)

Newkirk, Bertram Eugene, Sr. (Fairview)
Newkirk, Hazel Ann Fisher (Fairview)

Newsom, James Marion, Jr. (Fairview)
Newsom, Sara Cornelia Maddox (Fairview)

Newsome, Beryl Adair ( )
Newsome, Clarke Adair ( )
Newsome, Martha Jane Bennett O’Neal (Old)
Newsome, Sarah F. (Fairview)

Newton, Christina Hunter Childs ( ) 

Newton, Edward Taylor, Jr. (Old)

Newton, Edward Taylor, Sr. (Old)

Newton, Floyd Childs, Jr. (Memorial)

Newton, Floyd Childs, Sr. (Old)

Newton, Jean Hunt (Old)

Newton, John Thomas (Old)

Newton, Kittie Hunter (Old)

Newton, Laura Weihe (Old)

Newton, Mary Walton Trammell (Old)

Newton, Therese (Old)

Newton, Zella Mae Strickland Manley                                                                    (New)

Nicholson, Gladys H. (Memorial)

Nicholson, James Harold (Memorial)

Nicholson, Maude V. Overby (New)

Nicholson, Virginia Walton Butler (New)

Nickerson, Maria I. (Fairview)

Niles, Beatrice May Atkinson (Old)

Nisbet, John Thomas (Old)

Nisbet, Milus Cooper (Old)

Nisbet, Ophelia Ann (Old)

Nix, Charles A. (New)

Nix, Lewis P. (Memorial)

Nix, Theodore (Memorial)

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