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NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.


Surname - O

Obear, Legare Hill Bowles (Old)

Odom, Bonnie Foister (Memorial)

Ogilby, Adelaide Hopkins (Old)

Ogilby, Emily Augusta (Old)

Ogilby, Emma (Old)

Ogilby, Hannah (Fairview)

Ogilby, Hugh J. (Old)

Ogilby, Infant (Old)

Ogilby, Nathaniel Allen (Old)

Ogilby, William Richard (Old)

O'Kelley, Charles Allen (Memorial)

O'Kelley, Charles "Hard Rock" (Memorial)

Oliver, Annie Flournoy (Fairview)

Oliver, Thelma Louise (Fairview)

Oliver, Willie Lee (Fairview)

O’Neal, Elizabeth Irving (Old)

O'Neal, Troy Herbert (Memorial)

O'Neill, Ashley Altman (Memorial)

Onica, James Edward (Memorial)

Onica, Nell Smith McConnell (Memorial)

Orr, Carrie (Old)

Orr, Carrie Morgan (New)

Orr, Fears (New)

Orr, James Jackson (New)

Orr, John Kenneth, Sr. (New)

Orr, John Nolan (Memorial)

Orr, Mary Frances Kemp (Memorial)

Orr, Maude E. Beane (New)

Orr, Mattie Lou Domack (Fairview)

Orr, Ollie West (New)

Orr, Richard Grady, Sr. (Fairview)

Orr, Sara Angelena Few (New)

Orr, William Edward, Sr. (New)

Orr, William Jackson "Richard" (New)

Osborne, Buddy Ray (Memorial)

Osborne, Doris Sue Cross (Memorial)

Osiecky, June H. Bordsen (Memorial)

Osiecky, William Edwin (Memorial)

Overby, JosephineV. Thrasher (New)

Owen, James Erastus (Old)

Owen, Oma Myrtle Holden (Old)

Owen, Sherrie McDaniel (Memorial)

Owens, Huey (New / Confederate Sec.)

Ozburn, Emma Kate Smith (Fairview)

Ozburn, Frank Fielder (Fairview)

Ozburn, Ralph Franklin (Fairview)

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