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NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.

Aaron, William (Unknown)

Ackerman, Lydia Kennedy Robertson (Old)

Acton, Martha May Baldwin (New)

Adams, Carrie Bell Metcalf (Fairview)

Adams, David Wade, Jr. (New)

Adams, Eva Claire Varner (Old)

Adams, Foster James, Sr. (Fairview)

Adams, Frances Lou Avrett (Fairview)

Adams, Fred Hardeman (Fairview)

Adams, Gonza Mae Smith (Memorial)

Adams, Henrietta Allen (Fairview)

Adams, James Percy, Jr. (Memorial)
Adams, James Percy, Sr. (Memorial)

Adams, Lula Hutchinson (Old)

Adams, Othell (Fairview)

Adams, Pauline Pou (New)

Adams, Pinkie (Fairview)

Adams, Velma Ruth King (Fairview)

Adams, Victor Edward, Sr. (Fairview)

Adams, William Edgar (New)

Adams, William Harris (Old)

Adamson, Lena Stovall (Old)

Addy, James Donald, Jr. (Memorial)

Adkins, Bonita P. (Unknown)

Aikens, Elmira Inman (Fairview)

Ainslie, Andrew A., Sr. (Memorial)

Ainslie, Eugenia B. Vibbert (Fairview)

Ainslie, James William, Jr. (Fairview)

Ainslie, Mary Ruth Cantrell (Memorial)

Akridge, Nancy (Unknown)

Akridge, Willie B. (Fairview)

Alden, Marcellus A. (Old)

Alford, Ernest Bell "Pip" (New)

Alford, Lagree (Fairview)

Alford, Masie L. Fairview)

Alford, Narcissus Johnson (Fairview)

Alford, Sara Bell (Fairview)

Alford, Sarah Geneva Lewis (New)

Allen, Annie Bell (Fairview)

Allen, Adeline A. Drummond (New)

Allen, Bessie Dudley (Fairview)

Allen, Beulah Thomas (Fairview)

Allen, Brother (Fairview)

Allen, Bruce Frederick (Memorial)

Allen, Corris (Fairview)

Allen, Edison Washington (Fairview)

Allen, Essie Lou Simmons (Fairview)

Allen, Eugene (Fairview)

Allen, Forest (Unknown)

Allen, Fred R. (Fairview)

Allen, George Washington (Fairview)

Allen, Horace (Fairview)

Allen, Jackson (Unknown)

Allen, James Adam, Sr. (Memorial)

Allen, Jerry Wayne (Fairview)

Allen, John (Fairview)

Allen, Mamie O. Johnson (Fairview)

Allen, Margaret T. Gardner (Fairview)

Allen, Mary Lou (Fairview)

Allen, Mary Evelyn Loyd (Memorial)

Allen, Mattie M. Charleston (Fairview)

Allen, Nellie (Fairview)

Allen, Richard (Unknown)

Allgood, Robert Luke (Memorial)

Alliston, Anna Elizabeth (Old)

Alliston, Anna Viola Gilstrap (Old)

Alliston, C.W. (Old)

Alliston, Carrie Ellen (Old)

Alliston, Eugene Nesbit (Old)

Alliston, Florrie Leola Roper (Old)

Alliston, Mary Margret Bowdoin (Fairview)

Alliston, Reuben Reid (Memorial)
Alliston, Robert Leroy (Memorial)

Alliston, W. Nesbit (Old)

Alliston, Wiley Pope (Fairview)

Alliston, William Pool (Fairview)

Alliston, Willie Mae Vining (Memorial)

Alston, Frances Beatrice Mustin (Old)

Altman, Glenna Sue Dacus (Memorial)

Ames, Calvin (Old)

Anderson, Allen John (Memorial)

Anderson, Ale Lagare, Jr. (Fairview)

Anderson, Ale Legare, Sr. (New)

Anderson, Allen John (Memorial)

Anderson, Ama (Old)

Anderson, Andrew Vinson (Old)

Anderson. Bobby Gene (Memorial)

Anderson, Carolyn Mitchell (Old)

Anderson, David Allen (Fairview)

Anderson, Dolly May Moody (New)

Anderson, Ella Stephens (Fairview)

Anderson, Frank (Old)
Anderson, Jack H. (Fairview)

Anderson, James A., Sr. (Old)

Anderson, James Clack (New)

Anderson, Kirby Smith (Old)

Anderson, Lewis G. (New)

Anderson, Louis Conrad (New)

Anderson, Margaret Hill (New)

Anderson, Mary Louise High (New)

Anderson, Mary T. Vinson (Old)

Anderson, Maude (Old)

Anderson, Odessa Whitley (Memorial)

Anderson, Ruby 

Anderson, Susan H. Butler (Old)

Anderson, Susan A.C. Thrasher

Anderson, W.D. (Old)

Anderson, William Bland (New)

Anderson, Willie (Fairview)

Andrews, Albert Elmore (Old)

Andrews, James Arthur (Fairview)

Andrews, Nona Bearden (New)

Andrews, Robert L. (Fairview)

Andrews, W. Holleman (New)

Anglin, Paul (Fairview)

Anglin, Winona Bernice Hall (Fairview)

Arley, Harper (Old)

Armor, Adrian Willard Moore (New)
Armor, Noah (Unknown)

Armour, Annie Nell (Fairview)

Armour, Charles (Fairview)

Armour, Elmon (Fairview)

Armour, Ida (Fairview)

Armour, Robert "Booster" (Fairview)

Armour, William, Sr. (Fairview)

Arnold, Anna C.C. (Old)

Arnold, Elizabeth Brimberry (Old)

Arnold, Fielding W. (Old)

Arnold, Florence Hight (New)

Arnold, James G. 

Arrington, Annie M. (New)

Arrington, Sidney Gus (New)

Arthur, Ernest Grady “Bud” (Memorial)

Arthur, Leslie Hubert (Memorial)

Arthur, Lucille Annie Adams (Memorial)

Arthur, Ruth Burch (Memorial)

Ashford, Sue Leake (New)

Atkinson, Alexander Wellington (New)

Atkinson, Alfred Overton (New)

Atkinson, Alice Louisa (Old)
Atkinson, Allie B. Carroll (New)

Atkinson, Atherates H. (Old)

Atkinson, Butler Markham Jr. (Old)

Atkinson, Butler Markham, Sr. (Old)

Atkinson, Camille Callaway (Old)
Atkinson, Charles Bacon (New)
Atkinson, Cora Bell (New)
Atkinson, Cora Lee (Old)

Atkinson, Doris Saye (Old)

Atkinson, Eddie Jim (Fairview)

Atkinson, Elizabeth Jane (New)
Atkinson, Eugene Judson

Atkinson, Everett Gill, Jr. (New)

Atkinson, Everett Gill, Sr. (New)

Atkinson, Flora Fears (Memorial)

Atkinson, Grady (Old)

Atkinson, Hulme Morgan (Old)

Atkinson, Hale Aristides (New)

Atkinson, Helen Otelia (Old)

Atkinson, Ina Pearl Gordon (Fairview)

Atkinson, Indie Harrell (New)

Atkinson, James Bennie (Fairview)

Atkinson, James Love (Old)

Atkinson, Junie Baynes (New)

Atkinson, Junius Atharates (New)

Atkinson, Laura W. Carroll (New)

Atkinson, Lula Hurst (Old)

Atkinson, Mae Morgan (Old)

Atkinson, Martha Jane Fort (Old)

Atkinson, Millard Filmore (New)

Atkinson, Nannie Spence (Fairview)

Atkinson, Napoleon Bonaparte (Old)

Atkinson, Paul Drew (Old)

Atkinson, Paul Mortimer (Old)

Atkinson, Rosa Belle (Old)

Atkinson, Ruby Gillen (New)

Atkinson, Sibbie Few (Fairview)

Atkinson, Sibbie M. (New)

Atkinson, Susan C. Goolsby (New)

Atkinson, William Jackson (Old)

Atkinson, Zapharine Drew (Old)

Attaway, Andrew Rollins (Memorial)

Attaway, Annie Ruth Mooneyham


Atwater, Fred, Jr. (Fairview)

Atwater, Maybelle Davis "Dimp" (Fairview)

Austin, Beatrice Metcalf (Fairview)

Austin, Frank Pennington (New)
Austin, John T. Pennington (New)

Austin, Minnie Freeman (New)

Austin, Tommie Lee (Fairview)

Avery, Annie Laura Zeigler (Old)

Avery, Caroline Olive Davis Vining (New)

Avery, Frank Jenkins (Old)

Avery, Hugh Morgan (Unknown)

Avery, Isaac Morgan (New)

Avery, Millard Chandler (New)

Avery, Nancy Lee

Avery, Robert Walter (New)

Avery, Susie Folds (Old)

Avery, Walter Davis (New)

Avery, Wesley Jackson (New)

Avery, Wesley Jackson "Pete" (New)

Avery, Willie Lee West (New)

Awtry [Autry], Elijah (Old)

Awtry, Elizabeth A. McIntosh (Old)

Awtry, Gertrude

Awtry, Hiram (Old)

Aycock, Della Hillsman (Old)

Aycock, Helena Ligon Reeves 

                Pennington (New)

Aycock, Richard Burwell (New)


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