NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.


Surname - J

Jackins, Addie Reeves (New)
Jackins, John Gordon (New)
Jacks, Anna Black Walton (New)
Jacks, David Barrow (New)
Jackson, Asbury Jr. (Fairview)

Jackson, Bernice Nel Cosby (Fairview)
Jackson, Catherine (Fairview)
Jackson, Edmund Bellinger (Old)
Jackson, Evans (Fairview)
Jackson, Florence Eulalia (New)
Jackson, Gertrude Cheney (Fairview)
Jackson, James Mason (Fairview)
Jackson, John Stephen (New)
Jackson, Julius Caeser (Fairview)
Jackson, Maggie Bell (Fairview)
Jackson, Magnolia (Fairview)
Jackson, Mamie (Fairview)
Jackson, Marvin (New)
Jackson, Mary Inez (Old)
Jackson, Mattie E. (New)
Jackson, Minnie Bush (New)
Jackson, Musette Carson (Fairview)
Jackson, Pierce Milton (Fairview)
Jackson, Robert F. Sr. (Memorial)
Jackson, Sally Musette (Fairview)
Jackson, Walter (Fairview)
Jackson, William Sr. (Fairview)
Jackson, William Jr. (Fairview)
Jago, Antoinette Snellings Baldwin (Old)

James, Donald Mack (Memorial)
James, Elmer Ottis (Memorial)
James, Ernest E. (Fairview)
James, Lena H. (Memorial)
James, Louise (Fairview)

James, Robert Mickey (Memorial)

James, Ruby Amsbaugh Ivie (Memorial)
James, Susan J. Gilbert (New)
James, William C. Sr. (Memorial)
James, William C., Jr. (Memorial)
James, William J. (Old / Confederate Sec.)
James, William Reginald (Fairview)

James, Willie N. (Memorial)

Jarboe, Charles Sanders (New)

Jarboe, Margaret Duncan (New)

Jarboe, Walter Aiken (New)

Jarrell, Charles Benjamin (Memorial)

Jarrell, Cora Jane Masters Jarrell (Memorial)

Jeffries, J.S. (New)

Jeffries, Thornell (New)

Jenkins, Carrie Ellen (Memorial)

Jenkins, Jimmie Porter "Scriget" (Memorial)

Jenkins, Mark Layne (Memorial)

Jenkins, Patsy Ann Fowler (Memorial)

Jessup, George R. (Old)

Jessup, Lance Allen (Memorial)

Jessup, Minerva L. Johnston (Old)

Jessup, Thomas J. (Memorial)

Jett, Infant (Old)

Jett, Infant (Old)

Jett, Infant (Old)

Johns, Corrine J. Cash (Fairview)

Johnson, A. (New)

Johnson, Albert (Memorial)

Johnson, E. (New)

Johnson, Emma Drummond (Memorial)

Johnson, Fred Lanier (Memorial)

Johnson, Henry "Bosh" (New)

Johnson, James Fred (Fairview)

Johnson, Laura (Fairview)

Johnson, Louise Jones (Memorial)

Johnson, Marguerite Mobley (Memorial)

Johnson, Marvin Reese (Memorial)

Johnson, Mary Louise (Memorial)

Johnson, Miriam Doris Hill (Fairview)

Johnson, Penny (Fairview)

Johnston, Adeline A. Drummond (New)

Johnston, Charles (New)

Johnston, Delinda Hopkins (Old)

Johnston, Dr. William (Old)

Johnston, Elizabeth (Old)

Johnston, John Wesley Sr. (Unknown)

Johnston, Juanita (New)

Johnston, Julia (New)

Johnston, Junious (New)

Johnston, Lillian (New)

Johnston, Louisa A. (Old)

Johnston, Mary (New)

Johnston, Mary (Old)

Johnston, Nettie (Fairview)

Johnston, Paul (New)

Johnston, Sidney (New)

Johnston, William Saffold (Old)

Jones, Abraham (Fairview)

Jones, Alice Richter (New)

Jones, Bobby Joe (Memorial)

Jones, Burke (Fairview)

Jones, Allen  (Old)

Jones, Cecil B. (Fairview)

Jones, Elijah Evans (Old)

Jones, Eugenia (Fairview)

Jones, Franklin Keith (Memorial)

Jones, Gary L. (Memorial)

Jones, Glenn Hearn (Fairview)

Jones, Hazel Lee C. (Fairview)

Jones, John Reinhardt (New)

Jones, J.W. (Memorial)

Jones, John Paul (Memorial)

Jones, Juanita W. (Memorial)

Jones, Laura A. (Old)

Jones, Laura Reynolds (Memorial)

Jones, Lena Bell Hall (Fairview)

Jones, Lucius Shields (Fairview)

Jones, Lizzie (Fairview)

Jones, Love (Unknown)

Jones, Martha Carson Edge (Fairview)

Jones, Raymond W. "Monk" (Memorial)

Jones, Thomas H. (Old)

Jones, Virginia Inez Collier (Memorial)

Jones, W. Beatrice Hunt (Memorial)

Jones, William (New / Confederate Sec.)

Jones, Willy (Old)

Jordan, Algie L. Sr. (Fairview)

Jordan, Algie L. Jr. (Fairview)

Jordan, Curtis Leon (Fairview)

Jordan, Daisy Winder (Fairview)

Jordan, Edna Mae (Fairview)

Jordan, Frederick "Jam" (Fairview)

Jordan, Gladys Jackson (Fairview)

Jordan, Lilla R. (Fairview)

Jordan, Marcus Cedric (Fairview)

Jordan, Mattie (Fairview)

Jordan, Odessa Kate Love (??)

Jordan, Ola C. (Fairview)

Jordan, Ossie (Fairview)

Jordan, Ralph Jr. (Fairview)

Jordan, Ras (Fairview)

Jordan, Richard (Fairview)

Jordan, Robert T. (Fairview)

Jordan, Willie Ann (Fairview)

Jorgens, David R. (Memorial)

Jump, Myrtle Shouse (Fairview)

Justers, Keisha Rena (Fairview)