NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.


Surname - V

Vansant, Martha Thurmond (Old)
Varner, Amanda C. (Old)
Varner, Annie J. (Old)
Varner, Eva Claire (Old)
Varner, Gladys Virginia (Old)
Varner, Joe E. (Old)
Varner, Weldon P. Sr. (Old)
Varner, Weldon P. Jr. (Old)
Varner, William Fraser (Old)
Vason, Cornelius (New)
Vason, Cornelius (New)
Vason, Dorothy Duttera (New)
Vason, Frances Walton (New)
Vason, Joseph (New)
Vason, Joseph (New)
Vason, Madeline T. (New)
Vason, Sallie Smith (New)

Vason, Sarah Beatrice Smith (New)
Vason, Sue Reid (New)

Vaughan, David Alan (Memorial)

Vaughn, Ada Smith (Fairview) 

Vaughn, David A. (Memorial)
Vaughn, Fredrick Benton (Fairview)

Vaughn, Henrietta Faulkner (Memorial)
Vaughn, James C. (Fairview) 
Vaughn, Maggie Blackwell (Fairview) 
Vaughn, Percy Miles (Fairview)
Vaughn, Royall Erson (Fairview) 
Vaughn, Stephen Wingfield (Memorial)
Vaughn, Sarah Ann Kimbrough (Fairview)
Vaughn, William Henry Sr. (Fairview)
Vaughn, William Henry Jr. (Fairview) 
Vaughn, Winnifred E. (Fairview)

Vaughters, Claude Jackson (Fairview) 
Vaughters, Coie Mae Burt (Fairview)

Vaughters, Ernest Cleveland (Fairview)

Vaughters, Estelle Wheeler P. (Fairview) 
Vaughters, James Jackson

Vaughters, Jessie Estelle Lynch (Fairview)
Vaughters, Sara M. Mitchem

Vaughters, Solomon A.J. (Fairview) 
Veasley, Frances Jones (Fairview)

Veasley, Henry (Memorial)
Veasley, Ida Marie Jones (Fairview)
Veasley, James (Fairview)
Veasley, Lena Mae (Fairview)
Vibbert, Robert Jesse (Fairview)
Vickers, Dr. A.W. (Old)
Vickers, W.M. (Fairview)
Vinson, General Tully (Old)

Voegeli, Dorothy Anne Wellman (Memorial)

Voegeli, William Henry (Memorial)