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NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.


Surname - L

Lafayette, Lottie Elmi Cargile (New)

Laguin, Willie Rogers "Rocky" (Memorial)

Lambert, Ezekiel Roy, Jr. (Old)

Lambert, Ezekiel Roy, Sr. (Old)

Lambert, Lula Quay Bowers McLendon                             (Old)

Lancaster, Arthur McKinley (Fairview)
Lancaster, Benjamin Boyd (Fairview)

Lancaster, Claud Reid (Fairview)

Lancaster, Hallie Virginia Alford (Fairview)

Lancaster, Herbert Otis (Memorial)

Lancaster, Lela Marylou Reed (Fairview)

Lancaster, Margaret May Garvey (Memorial)

Lancaster, William Arthur (Fairview)

Landis, James McCormick (Memorial)

Landis, Mary Kathryn Aiken (Memorial)

Landry, Mildred Owen (Old)
Landry, Sabin Paul (Old)

Lane, Nora Emily Cross (Memorial)

Lane, William T. (Old)

Lanier, Mable L. Townsend (New)

Lankford, Gladys Mae Arthur (Memorial)

Laseter, Annie Mae (New)

Laseter, Cecilia Gloria Audrey Palmen

Laseter, James Matthew (Memorial)

Laseter, Joe Monroe (Memorial)

Laseter, Leora (New)

Laseter, Robert Marshall (New)

Laseter, Virginia F. Parker (New)

Lattimore, Jesse (Unknown)

Laughlin, Mary A. (New)

Launius, Susan A. Burruss (New)

Lawhorn, George, Sr. "Buck" (Memorial)

Lawhorn, Louella Ruth (Memorial)

Lawrence, David Allen (Memorial)

Lawrence, Edgar (Fairview)

Lawrence, Evan Harvey (Fairview)

Lawrence, Helen O'Brien Avery Bell


Lawrence, Jessie (Fairview)

Lawrence, John L. (New)

Lawrence, Julius Edgar (Fairview)

Lawrence, Ladie Verona Askew (Fairview)

Lawrence, Littleton Jeremiah (Fairview)

Lawrence, Mary Estell Harwell (Fairview)

Lawrence, Oliver Seaborn (Fairview)

Lawrence, Walter Harvey (Fairview)

Lawton, Alfred Chapman (Memorial)

Lawton, Anne Eva Henrietta Mallard


Leachmon, Corene (Fairview)

Leachmon, Jerry Bruce (Fairview)

Leachmon, Mary Easter Roberts

Leachmon, Nellie Victoria Rosencrance

Leachmon, Sanders Collis, Jr. (Fairview)

Leachmon, Sanders Collis, Sr. (Fairview)

Leak, Edgar McRae (New)

Leak, Hattie A. McRae (New)

Leak, Jeremiah Swift (New)

Leclair, Sue Ann Schwanenberger 


Lee, Gillie Williams (New)
Lee, Horace (Fairview)

Lee, Lena (Memorial)

Lee, Thelma Ree Griffin (Fairview)

Lester, S.C. "Sandy" (New)

Lewis, Dora Taylor (New)

Lewis, Elmer T. (Memorial)

Lewis, Fred "Collard" (New)

Lewis, Henry (Unknown)

Lewis, Mary Ann McKenney (Memorial)

Lewis, Samuel H.B. (Old)

Lewis, Samuel Matthew (Fairview)

Lewis, Velma Mae White (Memorial)

Lewis, William Henry (New)

Liddon, Ella Georgia (Old)

Ligon, Fred Allen, Sr. (Memorial)

Lindsey, Catherine Virginia Wood                                   (Memorial)

Lindsey, Grace Cunningham (Memorial)

Lindsey, Paul Jones (Memorial)

Little, Alton Bush (Old)

Little, Amanda Adams

Little, Charles Sidney (Fairview)

Little, Grant (Fairview)

Little, Irene Piper (Fairview)

Little, John Brantley (Old)

Little, Louise Adeline Harber (Old)

Little, Marguerite Stovall (Old)

Little, Pleasant Neal (Old)

Little, Rosemary Baumgarten (Old)

Little, Vance Yates (Old)

Lockwood, Alvah (Old)

Lockwood, Runa (Old)

Logan, Emma Calhoun (New)

Logan, Franklin Ramsey (New)

Logan, Sallie Perkins (New)

Lomax, Henry Grady (Memorial)

Lomax, Kathryn Biddy (Memorial)

Long, Edith T. (New)

Long, Henry Hiram (New)

Long, Jimmie William (Memorial)

Long, Lucy Bell Eskew (New)
Long, Sarah Ann Evans (New)

Long, Thomas David (New)

Long, William Evans (New)

Lord, C.P. (Memorial)

Lord, Martha Moon (Memorial)

Lord, Virginia Ann Bone

Love, Emma Lawson (Unknown)

Love, Fannie Anderson (New)

Love, Josephus Kelsey (New)

Love, Margaret Nancy (Unknown)

Lovelace, Edwin Philip (New)

Lovern, Daisy Belle Malcom (Memorial)

Lovern, Troy Beatty (Memorial)

Lowe, Joseph Benton, Jr. (New)

Lowe, Martha Blakely (New)

Lowery, James J. (New / Confederate Sec.)

Luke, Michelene Arielly (Memorial)

Luke, Roy Clarence (Memorial)

Lumpkin, Charles (Fairview)

Lumpkin, Clarence (Fairview)

Lumpkin, Elnora (Fairview)

Lumpkin, Gary (Fairview)

Lumpkin, Tammie T. (Fairview)

Lunsford, Betty Carolyn Thornton (Memorial)

Lupo, John Green (Fairview)

Lupo, Orpha Harris (Fairview) 

Lurey, Barry Norman (Memorial)

Lurey, Marcia Roobin (Memorial)

Lynch, Jesse Whitfield (Fairview)

Lynch, Lessie Griffin (Fairview)

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