NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.


Surname - P

Pace, Alex S. (New)

Pace, Danny Lynn (Fairview)

Pace, Maude S. (New)

Padgett, Emily Hancock (New)

Padgett, Henry Alfred (New)

Padgett, Martha Elizabeth (New)

Parker, Amanda Martin (New)

Parker, Bertie Harrell (Old)

Parker, George S. (New)

Parker, Henry Nott (Old)

Parker, Julia W. (Old)

Parker, Q.D. (Old)

Parker, Roland Wilcox (Old)

Parker, Roland Wingate (Old)

Parker, Rosa Stovall (Old)

Parker, Sarah Quinton Darden (Old)

Parker, William Carey (Old)

Parks, Dorothy "Dot" (Memorial)

Parks, Bessie Prewitt. (Memorial)

Parks, William J. (Memorial)

Parson, Terry Lee (Memorial)

Parsons, Eugene Dougherty (Memorial)

Paschal, Annie C. (Fairview)

Paterson, Bobby J. (Fairview)

Patillo, Fannie J. Baldwin (Old)

Patillo, Robert M. (Old)

Patrick, Clinton B. (Fairview)

Patrick, Clinton Lamar (Fairview)

Patrick, Edna Louise Williams (Memorial)

Patterson, Alonzo Scott Sr. (Fairview)

Patterson, Alonzo Scott Jr. (Fairview)

Patterson, Dr. John F. (Old)

Patterson, Emily Wilson (Old)

Patterson, Hiram H. (Old)

Patterson, Ione G. (Fairview)

Patterson, LeRoy W. (Old)

Patterson, P.Y. (Old)

Patton, Cohen (Memorial)

Paul, Lily Baker (New)

Payne, Emiline T. (New)

Payne, Harris H. (New)

Peacock, Elizabeth Alma (New)

Peacock, Ella Duncan (New)

Peacock, John Talmer Sr. (New)

Peacock, John Thomas (New)

Peacock, Thomas Pearson (New)

Peacock, William Collinsworth (New)

Peacock, Walter Allen Sr. (New)

Peacock, Walter Crumley (New)

Peacock, Willie Hume (New)

Pearman, Isabella Stewart  Weakley (Old)

Pearman, Robert (Old)

Pearman, William (Old)

Pearson, Bertie Ballard (Memorial)

Pearson, Michael Anthony (Memorial)

Peck, Milton Haxton (Old)

Peek, Berry N. (Fairview)

Peek, Frances Brown (Memorial)

Peek, Junius Thomas (Fairview)

Peek, Leslia Nicole (Memorial)

Peek, Nellie Booth (New)

Peek, Vallie Rowland (Fairview)

Peek, W.D. (Old / Confederate Sec.)

Penick, Alice Irene Parker (New)

Penick, Betty Harrell (New)

Penick, Carrie Harris (New)

Penick, Daphne Randall Smith (Memorial)

Penick, Jefferson Clay (New)

Penick, Jesse Mathews (New)

Penick, Joseph Terrell (Memorial)

Penick, Julia Fitzpatrick (New)

Penick, Lazarus Terrell  (New)

Penick, Lucius (New)

Penick, Lucius Terrell (New)

Penick, Marshall Stovall (New)

Penick, Mary E. "Mazie" Westervelt (New)

Penick, Mary Elizabeth Mathews (New)

Penick, Mattie Estelle (New)

Penick, Ollie Belle Stovall (New)

Penick, Ruby Victoria (New)

Penn, Linda Autry (Memorial)

Penn, Mary Holmes (Fairview)

Penn, Sallie McAden Johnston (Old)

Pennington, Adelle (New)

Pentecost, Frances Jane Adair  (Fairview)

Pentecost, Theo Nolan (Fairview)

Peppers, Neta Pinson (Memorial)

Peppers, Ray Artis (Memorial)

Perkins, Frank Lamar (Fairview)

Perkins, Herbert Murrow (Fairview)

Perkins, Margaret Moseley (Memorial)

Perkins, Maurice Francis (Memorial)

Perkins, William Absalom (New)

Perriman, Mozel (Fairview)

Perry, Augustus Edward (New)

Perry, Emma Pennington (New)

Perry, Eunice Howell (New)

Perry, Floyd "Billy" Jr. (Fairview)

Perry, Floyd Sr. (Fairview)

Perry, Mary Alene Leachmon (Fairview)

Perry, Rebecca Chambers (Fairview)

Perry, Roy Franklin Sr. (Fairview)

Perry, Teresa A. Dobbs "Ava" (Fairview)

Peteet, Claude (Old)

Peteet, Marshall Andrews (Old)

Peteet, Martha Ann "Patsy" Evans (Old)

Peteet, Ola Adelaide Robertson (Old)

Peteet, Percy Marshall (Old)

Peters, Ray Cecil (Memorial)

Peters, Sylvia F. Durden (Memorial)

Peterson, Tommy Lee (Fairview)

Peterson, Willie (New)

Pettigrew, Cora Bell (Fairview)

Pettigrew, Grady (Fairview)

Phillips, Berdie E. Lee (Memorial)

Phillips, Wymar Kenton (Memorial)

Pierce, Bessie James (Unknown)

Pierce, Mary Cephalie Richter (New)

Pierce, William James (New)

Pilcher, Mary Louise (Fairview)

Pinnell, Julius Orlando (Old)

Pinson, Effie (Fairview)

Pinson, Geneva Jeffries (Memorial)

Pinson, James Emmett (Memorial)

Pinson, Michael Wayne (Memorial)

Pinson, Robert McGaddy (Fairview)

Pinson, Worth Robert (Memorial)

Pitts, Janie Ree J. (New)

Pitts, Timothy Bonhart (Fairview)

Polk, Infant (Fairview)

Polley, H.M. (New)

Pollock, Florence Burney (Old)

Pollock, John L. (Old)

Ponder, Cora S. (Fairview)

Ponder, Frances Vibbert (Memorial)

Ponder, Leonora Elizabeth Swanson (Old)

Ponder, James Madison (Old)

​Ponder, Margaret Denaro (Memorial)

Ponder, Mary Graham (Old)

Ponder, Paul Holloway (Old)

​Ponder, Paul Holloway Jr. (Memorial)

Ponder, William Peter (Memorial)

Porter, Ann Mapp Fannin (Old)

Porter, Grace (Fairview)

Porter, John W. (Old)

Porter, John W., Jr. (Old)

Porter, Ocie (Fairview)

Porter, Virginia (Fairview)

Porter, William A. (Old)

Pou, Caroline Tompkins (New)

Pou, Edgar (New)

Pou, John Tompkins (New)

Pou, Lewis W. (New)

Pou, Lucie (New)

Pou, M. Whitfield (Fairview)

Pou, Mary Foster (Fairview)

Pou, Maude Lucille ( )

Pou, Rebecca Cohen (New)

Poullain, Elizabeth Byron (Old)

Powers, Margaret M.L.M. (Old)

Preston, Julie Marie (Memorial)

Prince, Annie Vaughn (Memorial)

Prince, Oscar Guy (Memorial)

Prior, Florida Campbell (Fairview)

Prior, Florida Campbell Jr. (Fairview)

Prior, Martha Hunter (New)

Prior, Walter Truman (Fairview)

Pritchard, Andrew Boyd (Memorial)

Pritchard, Sarah Theis (Memorial)

Pugh, Annie Ford (Fairview)

Pugh, Bessie (Fairview)

Pugh, George W. (Fairview)

Pugh, Mina Moon (Memorial)

Pugh, Robert Edward (Memorial)

Purks, Infant (New)

Purks, James Harris (New)

Purks, James H. (New)

Purks, Lulie K. (New)

Purks, Lulie Virginia (New)

Purks, Mary Brown (New)