NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.


Surname - R

Rachels, Alva Willis "Buddy," Sr. (Memorial)

Rachels, Mary Dorothy Durden (Memorial)

Rader, Evelyn J. (Memorial)
Rader, George W. (Memorial)
Radford, Robert W. (Old)
Radford, William Nunnally (Old)
Rainwater, Baby (New)
Rainwater, Leila Bearden (New)
Raley, Perry (Old)
Randall, Grace E. Batson (Memorial)
Randall, Louis Thomas (Memorial)
Rasch, Christian G. (Memorial)

Rasch, Hans (Memorial)
Rasch, Lynn Johnson (Memorial)
Rasch, Margaret C. (Memorial)

Rast, Charles Lawton (Memorial)

Rast, John Marvin (Memorial)

Rast, Olive Mays (Memorial)

Rast, Peggy Craig (Memorial)

Ray, Ben T. (Fairview)
Ray, Maude Massey (Fairview)
Ray, Mildred S. (New)
Ray, Warren Taylor (Fairview)
Raymond, Hannah L. (Old)
Rea, Augustus P. (Old)
Reamy, Adoniram Judson III (Fairview)
Reamy, Eleanor McMichael (Fairview)
Rearden, Alva H. (New)
Rees, Infant (Old)
Rees, Thaddeus Beall (Old)
Reese, Dozier Carlton (Fairview)
Reese, I.W. (Old)
Reese, Joseph (Old)
Reese, Mildred Z. (Fairview)
Reese, Terry Floyd (Fairview)
Reeves, James Leak (New)
Reeves, James Lee (New)
Reeves, John Allen (New)
Reeves, Maude Leak (New)
Reid, Amanda (Fairview)
Reid, Annie Baldwin (New)

Reid, Annie Lu Murray (Fairview)
Reid, Francis Gratton (New)
Reid, Fred (Fairview)
Reid, Guy (Fairview)
Reid, Hudson Hunter (New)
Reid, James Clement (Fairview)
Reid, James Sidney (New)
Reid, James Sidney (New)
Reid, James

Reid, Mary L. (Fairview)

Reid, Mary (New)
Reid, Maud Winter Hack (New)
Reid, Merriott Warren (New)
Reid, Mrs. M.W. (New)
Reid, Nora Mashburn (Fairview)
Reid, Oscar Wingfield (New)
Reid, Paul Wingfield (New)
Reid, Virginia Warren (New)
Reid, Walker Sidney (New)

Reid, Walter Craig (Fairview)
Reid, William "Bill" (Fairview)

Reinhardt, Alice Burton (New)
Reinhardt, J.W. (New)
Reiser, Charlotte S. (Memorial)
Reiser, Raymond F. (Memorial)
Reynolds, A. Jay (Memorial)
lds, Ellen Mae (Memorial)
lds, John H. (Memorial)
lds, Mamie Lucille (Memorial)
lds, Mary Agnes (Memorial)
lds, Wylie C. (Memorial)
Rhodes, (New)ton E. (New)
Rhodes, Emilyn Pontie (New)
Rhodes, Emma Bearden (New)
Rhodes, Martha Atkinson  (New)
Rhodes, Susie Epps (Fairview)
Rhodes, Wade J. (Fairview)
Rhone, Mattie E. (New)

Rhyne, Ada L. White (Unknown)
Rice, Catharina Hilsman (Old)
Rice, Edward A. (New)

Rice, Rufus (Fairview)
Rice, Lessie (Old)
Rice, Wilson (New)
Richardson, Annie Bell Dolvin (Fairview)
Richardson, Eva Jones (Fairview)
Richardson, Pope (Fairview)
Richardson, Sarah Neal Allen (New)
Richter, Ann Eliza Potter (Old)
Richter, Arthur Potter (New)
Richter, Burma Adams (New)

Richter, Charles William Sr. (Old)
Richter, Charles Woodruff III

Richter, Charles Woodruff IV (New)
Richter, Cornelia Fielding (New)
Richter, Ethel Crew (New)

Richter, Hallie Elise Rivers (New)

Richter, Hattie Black Baker (New)
Richter, John Clarke Sr. (New)
Richter, Martin Luther Jr. (New)
Richter, Martin Luther "Mat" Sr. (New)
Richter, Milton Abbott (New)
Richter, Nellie May (New)
Richter, Russell Daniel Sr. (New)
Richter, Veva Belding Baker (Old)

Rickerson, Nan (Fairview)

Rish, Wallace Roland (Memorial)

Rivers, M.J. (New)

Rivers, Tony (Fairview)

Rivers, W.M. (New)

Rives, Mary Elizabeth (Old)

Rocchi, Erdelle Baldwin Williford (Old)

Robbins, Eulalah Johnson (Memorial)

Robbins, O.W. “Jack” (Memorial)

Roberts, Fredrick N. (Memorial)

Roberts, Juanita Lois (Fairview)

Roberts, Leora Hilsman (Old)

Roberts, William Thomas (Old)

Robertson, Carrie (Old)

Robertson, Charles Eugene Sr. (Fairview)

Robertson, Charles Eugene Jr. (Fairview)

Robertson, D.M. (Old)

Robertson, Joanna (Old)

Robertson, Josaphine (Old)

Robertson, Lydia A. Kennedy (Old)

Robertson, Martha Jean Berry (Fairview)

Robertson, Rene (Memorial)

Robertson, Rose Douglas (Old)

Robertson, Susan J. Lumsden (Old)

Robertson, William P. (Old)

Robertson, William P. (Old)

Robinson, Agnes Jones (Fairview)

Robinson, Elie "Bobby" (Fairview)

Robinson, Craymon (Fairview)

Robinson, Frank Jr. (Fairview)

Robinson, Frank Sr. (Fairview)

Robinson, Janie B. Nesbitt (New)

Robinson, Mary Floyd (Old)

Robson, John (Judge) (Old)

Robson, Martha Amanda (Old)

Rose, Adeline (Fairview)

Rose, John A. (Fairview)

Rose, W.M. (Fairview)

Roseberry, Mary Waters Yarbrough (New)

Rosencrance, George A. (Fairview)

Rosencrance, George A., Jr. (Fairview)

Rosencrance, John V. (Fairview)

Rosencrance, Peggy K. Copelan (Fairview)

Rosencrance, Sallie B. (Fairview)

Ross, Edith Coleman (Memorial)

Ross, Esther Martin (Memorial)

Ross, Geraldine Hodnett (Fairview)

Ross, James Patrick (Memorial)

Ross, Marian Virginia Ganong (Memorial)

Ross, Philip Chandler Jr. (Memorial)

Ross, Philip Chandler Sr. (Memorial)

Ross, William Francis Marion III (Memorial)

Rozar, Sarah Eaton (Memorial)