NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.


Surname - S

Saffold, Adam G. (Old)

Saffold, Ann Porter (Old)

Saffold, Abram H. (Old)

Saffold, Julia S. Heard (Old)

Saffold, Mary (Old)

Saffold, R.S. (Old)

Saffold, Robert (Old)

Saffold, Sally (Old)

Saffold, Seaborn Jones (Old)

Saffold, Sarah Reid (Old)

Saffold, Thomas P. (Old)

Samples, Grover Franklin (Memorial)

Sanchez, Adolph S., M.D. (New)

Sanchez, Carolyn Bell (New)

Sanchez, Reina Esperanza (Memorial)

Sanders, Charles Alexander (Old)

Sanders, Charles Hayne (Old)

Sanders, Mary Ezell (Old)

Sanders, Sarah A. (Old)

Sapp, Julia Shields Burney (Old)

Satterfield, Ezelia R. (Fairview)

Sawyer, Mary Lou (New)

Saye, George P. (Fairview)

Saye, Gladys H. (Fairview)

Sealy, Monroe J. (Fairview)

Sealy, Rosa M. (Fairview)

Seavers, Glenn E. (Memorial)

Seavers, Katherine H. (Memorial)

Seibert, Patricia Brown (Memorial)

Self, Lucius Howard (Memorial)

Seymore, Mrs. Erin Blair (New)

Seymore, Samuel (Old)

Shackleford, Charles B. "Shack" (New)

Shackleford, Corinne O. Few (New)

Shaffer, Bruce (Fairview)

Shaffer, Everlene (Fairview)

Shaffer, Jarvis B. (Fairview)

Shaffer, Kesai Lumpkin (Fairview)

Shampo, James (Memorial)

Sharper, Mamie (Fairview)

Sharper, Richter (Fairview)

Shaw, ?.B. (Old)

Shaw, Ann E. (Old)

Shaw, Elizabeth (Old)

Shaw, George Stovall (New)

Shaw, George Stovall Jr. (New)

Shaw, Harriet Louisa (Old)

Shaw, Harriette Reeves (New)

Shaw, Horace T. (Old)

Shaw, Horace Thompson (Old)

Shaw, Horace Thompson (Old)

Shaw, Infant (Old)

Shaw, Lucy B. Anthony (Old)

Shaw, Mary Bonner (Old)

Shaw, Mattie M. Hutchinson (New)

Shaw, Mrs. E. (Old)

Shaw, Sarah Rebecca Rogers (Old)

Shaw, Sebastian (Old)

Shelton, Carrie V. (Fairview)

Shelton, Ethel M. (Fairview)

Shelton, John H. (Fairview)

Shelton, Thomas Levi (Fairview)

Shepherd, Adelaide Douglas (Old)

Shepherd, Carter (Old)

Shepherd, Charles Baldwin (New)

Shepherd, Elizabeth Jones (Old)

Shepherd, Grace Logan (New)

Shepherd, Infant (Old)

Shepherd, Janie Catherine (Fairview)

Shepherd, Jerry Andrew (Fairview)

Shepherd, Mabel Clemons (New)

Shepherd, Madison Millard (Fairview)

Shepherd, Mary Page Moseley (New)

Shepherd, Mattie Cook (Fairview)

Shepherd, Robert Whitfield Sr. (New)

Shepherd, Robert Whitfield Jr. (New)

Shepherd, Robert Whitfield III (New)

Shepherd, Robert Whitfield IV (New)

Shepherd, William E. (Old)

Shields, Cornelia Elizabeth (Old)

Shields, Eliza Smith (Old)

Shields, Eugenia (Old)

Shields, Frances Edmundson (Old)

Shields, Frances Caroline (Old)

Shields, John (Fairview)

Shields, John A. (Old)

Shields, Samuel (Old)

Shields, William A. (Old)

Shields, William L.H. (Old)

Shinholser, Zoe Harriot M. (Old)

Shoemake, J.L. (Old / Confederate Sec.)

Shouse, Bama (Fairview)

Shouse, Caswell Allen (New)

Shouse, Catherine Stewart (Fairview)

Shouse, Eliza Jane Allen (New)

Shouse, Ellen Adair (Fairview)

Shouse, Frances Pierce (Fairview)

Shouse, George Knox (Fairview)

Shouse, H.A. (Fairview)

Shouse, Harris H. (Fairview)

Shouse, John H. (New)

Shouse, Knox Alfred (Fairview)

Shouse, Lillian Chapman (Fairview)

Shouse, Lillie Green (Fairview)

Shouse, Lindsay Van (Fairview)

Shouse, Nina Cornwell (Fairview)

Shouse, Ruth Bryant (Fairview)

Shouse, Sara Elizabeth (Fairview)

Shouse, William Allen (Fairview)

Shouse, William Chapman (Fairview)

Shumate, Jeremy Scott (Memorial)

Sidwell, Frances Adams (Fairview)

Sidwell, Maggie Beal (Fairview)

Sidwell, Thompson (Fairview)

Sigman, Beverly Hossler (Memorial)

Sigman, Cheney C. Jr. MD (Memorial)

Silcox, Margaret Loughlin (Unknown)

Simmons, Eugene Dubos (New)

Simmons, Hubert L. (Old)

Simmons, Lessie Ezell (New)

Simmons, Lottie Belle (New)

Simmons, Susie Shaw (Old)

Simmons, Willie Frank (Fairview)

Simms, Elijah (Memorial)

Sims, Betty Whitfield (Memorial)

Sims, Percy (Fairview)

Sims, R.L. (Rev.) (Fairview)

Sims, William Harrison, Sr. (Memorial)

Singleton, Mozell Johnson (Fairview)

Singleton, Willie (New)

Slack, Charles (Fairview)

Slack, Henry Leigh (New)

Slack, Mae Bell Fowler (Fairview)

Slaughter, Harold Frank (Memorial)

Sloan, Francis Elijah Sr. (Memorial)

Small, Annie Lee Stagg (Memorial)

Smith, Ambribge (Fairview)

Smith, Deputy Charles E., Sr. (Memorial)

Smith, David Taylor Jr. (Memorial)

Smith, Diana Joyce (Memorial)

Smith, Ed (Fairview)

Smith, Elizabeth (Old)

Smith, Ernest Lee [2] (Memorial)

Smith, Eugene (Fairview)

Smith, Eva Marie Kennedy (Fairview)

Smith, Floyd Bruce (Memorial)

Smith, Franklin L. (Fairview)

Smith, Genie Furlow (Old)

Smith, George H. (New)

Smith, Guy (Old)

Smith, Guy Cardwell (Old)

Smith, Herbert L. (Memorial)

Smith, Ida E. (Memorial)

Smith, James Franklin, MD (Fairview)

Smith, Jane Clark (Old)

Smith, John M. (Fairview)

Smith, Junius Pope (Old)

Smith, Lizzie B. (New)

Smith, Louis (Old)

Smith, Mana Manelle Orr (New)

Smith, Mary Elizabeth (Old)

Smith, Rebecca Furlow (Old)

Smith. Ruby McKinley (Memorial)

Smith, Russell Ezekiel (Fairview)

Smith, Sarah Moye (Memorial)

Smith, Willie Glenn (Memorial)

Smith, Zenie A. (Fairview)

Snelling, Louis F. (New)

Snelling, Ruby Vonceil Maddux (New)

Snellings, Ida B. (New)

Snellings, John William (New)

Snellings, Mrs. Alcie B. (New)

Spears, Joseph Clayton Sr. (Memorial)

Spears, Jefferson E. (New)

Spears, Marie D. (Memorial)

Spears, Sarah S. (New)

Speed, Ellen Mary (Old)

Speed, Oliver Raymond (Old)

Speed, Sarah Douglas (Old)

Speed, Terrell (Old)

Spell, Emory Thurston (Memorial)

Spell, Horace L. (Memorial)

Spell, Virginia Moye (Memorial)

Spelbrink, Carl Bernhart (Memorial)

Spencer, George (Fairview)

Squires, Helen Orrahood (Memorial)

Squires, Paul Lee (Memorial)

Stapp, John Preston (Memorial)

Stapp, Sheryl Denise (Memorial)

Steinel, George A. Jr. (Fairview)

Steinel, George A. "Georgie" III (Fairview)

Steinel, Lucy (Fairview)

Stempinski, Edward (Fairview)

Stephens, Martha (Fairview)

Stephens, Yvonne Millwood (Fairview)

Stevens, Katie Dunevant (Fairview)

Stewart, Ambrose (New)

Stewart, Charlene W. (Memorial)

Stewart, Cynthia Charlene (Memorial)

Stewart, Harvey L. (Memorial)

Stewart, Myrtle L. (Memorial)

Stewart, Newell Allen (Memorial)

Stewart, Rennell Vaughn (Memorial)

Stewart, Walter (New)

Stinchcomb, Chad (Memorial)

Stinchcomb, Randall L. (Memorial)

Stinson, Rev. L.H. (Fairview)

Stokes, Ann Fannin (Old)

Stokes, Archibald Young (Old)

Stokes, Eliza (Old)

Stokes, John Porter (Old)

Stokes, Lucille Fielder (Old)

Stokes, Mary Barnett (Old)

Stokes, William C.Y. (Old)

Stokes, William S. (Old)

Stokes, Willie Y. (Old)

Stone, E.B. (New / Confederate Sec.)

Stone, William Lamar (Fairview)

Stonecypher, Annie Mae (Memorial)

Stonecypher, James O. (Memorial)

Stovall, Evelyn Claire Thomas (Fairview)

Stovall, Elizabeth (New)

Stovall, Evelyn Claire (Fairview)

Stovall, George B. (Old)

Stovall, George B., Jr. (Old)

Stovall, Hampton Harwell (New)

Stovall, Henry Alf (Fairview)

Stovall, James Frank (Fairview)

Stovall, John Scott (New)

Stovall, Laura Arnold (Old)

Stovall, Little Berry (New)

Stovall, Mary Lou Harwell (New)

Stovall, Minnie Bearden (New)

Stovall, Mrs. Dora Eakes (New)

Stovall, Samuel (Old / Confederate Sec.)

Stovall, Thomas H. (Old)

Stubbs, Virginia (Fairview)

Swain, Briana LeGail (Fairview)

Swift, Lucy Talbot (Old)

Swift, Mary Talbot (Old)

Swiney, Gladys E. (New)

Swiney, Talulah E. Wallace (New)

Swiney, Warner R. (New)