NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.


Surname - T

Tamplin, Bobby Eugene (Memorial)

Tamplin, Charles R. (Memorial)

Tamplin, Christine M. (Memorial)

Tamplin, Eugene Liance (Memorial)

Tamplin, Georgeana W. (Memorial)

Tamplin, J.B. (Memorial)

Tamplin, Ollie Mae H. (Memorial)

Tanner, B.S. (Fairview)

Tant, Noah Gregory (Memorial)

Tarpley, Hugh Dorsey Sr. (Fairview)

Tarpley, Infant (Fairview)

Taylor, Andrew Jackson (Fairview)

Taylor, Austin Clay (Memorial)

Taylor, Carrie Louise Jones (Fairview)

Taylor, Delony Bolling (Old)

Taylor, Harriot Caroline Jones (Old)

Taylor, John Jr. (Old)

Taylor, Landus S. Jr. (Fairview)

Taylor, Landus S. Sr. (Fairview)

Taylor, Laura Reese (New)

Taylor, Maggie Nora (Fairview)

Taylor, Mary Hunt (Old)

Taylor, Parks (Fairview)

Taylor, Robert G. (Old)

Taylor, Robert James (Old)

Taylor, Robert Walter (Old)

Taylor, Ryan Leonidas (Memorial)

Taylor, Susanna (Old)

Taylor, Thomas Crawford (Old)

Terrell, Clinton (Fairview)

Terrell, Linton (Fairview)

Terrell, Rickie (Fairview)

Terrell, Sara Lee (Fairview)

Terrell, WIllie (Fairview)

Terry, Shirley Anne (Memorial)

Thaxton, Edward Lee (Memorial)

Thaxton, Emmie M. McGaughey (Memorial)

Thomas, Betty "Mom Bee" (Fairview)

Thomas, Charles Lewis Clark (Old)

Thomas, Clara S. (Memorial)

Thomas, Della B. (New)

Thomas, Florida Antoine Poullain (Old)

Thomas, H.O. (Memorial)

Thomas, Harry Hadley (Memorial)

Thomas, Howard Chester (Memorial)

Thomas, J.L. (New)

Thomas, Jack (Fairview)

Thomas, James (Fairview)

Thomas, James Edward (Memorial)

Thomas, John Columbus (Fairview)

Thomas, Martha (Fairview)

Thomas, Mary Elizabeth (New)

Thomas, R.E. (New)

Thomas, Reuben Jr. (Fairview)

Thomas, Robert (Fairview)

Thomas, Ruben Jr. (Fairview)

Thomas, Thelma G. (Memorial)

Thomas, Turnell (New)

Thomas, William "Dub" (Fairview)

Thomas, Willie (New)

Thomason, Annette M. (Old)

Thomason, Flora Fowler (Old)

Thomason, Jane Pennington (Old)

Thomason, Oscar (Old)

Thomason, Parmelius Rollins (Old)

Thomason, Robert Usher (Old)

Thomason, Susan Stringfellow (Old)

Thompson, Annie Lucy Newton (Old)

Thompson, Ben S. Sr. (Old)

Thompson, Ben S. Jr. (Old)

Thompson, Beverly Alice Thomas (Memorial)

Thompson, Brooke (New)

Thompson, Burnadene (Fairview)

Thompson, Claude (Fairview)

Thompson, David Livingstone (Old)

Thompson, Elizabeth Callaway (Old)

Thompson, Emory Lee (Fairview)

Thompson, Ethel Bryson (New)

Thompson, Irby Hudson [A-1] (Memorial)

Thompson, L.M. (New)

Thompson, L. Burnadene Tucker (Fairview)

Thompson, Martin R (Old)

Thompson, Mary Frances Cruse (Memorial)

Thompson, Mary M. (Memorial)

Thompson, Mary M. (Memorial)

Thompson, Roy R.ay (Memorial)

Thompson, Russell Reed (Fairview)

Thompson, Sarah Eidson (Memorial)

Thompson, Shawn M. (Memorial)

Thompson, Sophie J. (Fairview)

Thompson, Velma H. (Memorial)

Thompson, William Clinton (New)

Thompson, William E. (Memorial)

Thurmond, Alma Lurine (Memorial)

Thurmond, Guy Julius Jr. (Memorial)

Thurmond, Martha Hunnicutt (Memorial)

Thrasher, Mary E. M. Fambrough (Fairview)

Tipton, William Kay (Memorial)

Tipton, Estelle Reynolds (Memorial)

Tolar, James Needham (Old)

Tolar, Mary Branch (Old)

Tolar, Inez Snellings (Old)

Tolar, Oscar (Fairview)

Tolar, Floye Brooke (Fairview)

Tolar, Thomas H. Sr. (Fairview)

Tolar, Thomas H. Jr. (Fairview)

Tolar, William A. "Gus" (Old)

Trice, Winfred Alexander (Memorial)

Trotter, Dr. D.D. (Old)

Trotter, Dr. R.W. (Old)

Trotter, Elizabeth Alston (Old)

Trotter, Robert Walter, Sr. (Old)

Tucker, Charles Emery (Fairview)

Tucker, Maude Fort (Fairview)

Tuell, Hugh Murray Sr. (Memorial)

Tuell, Sarah Frances (Memorial)

Tuell, Virginia L. Miller (Memorial)

Tufts,  Rutledge (New)

Tumlin, Amon T. (Fairview)

Tumlin, Curtis F. (Memorial)

Tumlin, Julia T. (Memorial)

Tunison, Charles C. (Old)

Tunison, Mary Trotter (Old)

Turk, Effie (Fairview)

Turnbull, Louise Hill Foster (New)

Turnell, Albert Fulton (Fairview)

Turnell, Augusta Markwalter (Fairview)

Turnell, Bennie Belding (Fairview)

Turnell, Bessie M. (New)

Turnell, Clementine (New)

Turnell, Cora Lou Armor (New)

Turnell, George Jackson (New)

Turnell, Infant (New)

Turnell, Infant (New)

Turnell, Infant (New)

Turnell, John Fulton (Fairview)

Turnell, John Thomas (New)

Turnell, Joseph Henry (New)

Turnell, Martha Virginia (New)

Turnell, Robert Martin (Fairview)

Turnell, Stephen A. (New)

Turner, Edgar (Fairview)

Turner, George W., Sr. (Fairview)

Turner, Robert Lee Jr. (Fairview)

Turner, Rena E. Brooks (Fairview)

Turner, Sallie (Fairview)