NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.

Bailey, Alice Powell (Fairview)

Bailey, Robert Thomas Sr. (Fairview)

Bailey, Willie (Fairview)

Baker, Louise Beall (Fairview)

Baldwin, Asbury Q. (Memorial)

Baldwin, Annie Maude Shepherd (New)

Baldwin, Benjamin Augustus (New)

Baldwin, Burke Richard Sr. (New)

Baldwin, Carter Shepherd Jr. (Old)

Baldwin, Carter Shepherd III (Memorial)

Baldwin, Charles Harris (Old)

Baldwin, Charles Walter Sr. (Memorial)

Baldwin, Charles Walter Jr. (Memorial)

Baldwin, Charles William (New)

Baldwin, Elizabeth Harris (Memorial)

Baldwin, Eugene P. "Sonny" (Memorial)

Baldwin, Gerlinde Poschko (Memorial)

Baldwin, Hattie Melita Zachry (Fairview)

Baldwin, Helen Douglas (Old)

Baldwin, Henry Walter (New)

Baldwin, Joseph Dillard (Memorial)

Baldwin, Margaret W. Person (Memorial)

Baldwin, Sarah Elizabeth T. (Memorial)

Baldwin, Sarah Frances (New)

Ballard, Herman Leveritt (New)

Banes, Mary (Fairview)

Barnett, Sally McAdams Brown (New)

Barrett, Faye Gilbert (Memorial)

Barrett, James Douglas (Memorial)

Barton, Irene Becky Leachman (Fairview)

Barton, William Clifford (Fairview)

Bass, Carrie Lou (Fairview)

Bass, Corine Wyatt (Fairview)

Bass, Deacon Wilson (New)

Bass, Elma (New)

Bass, Emma Harris (Fairview)

Bass, Eula (New)

Bass, Harriett (Fairview)

Bass, Isaac (New)

Bass, James (Fairview)

Bass, Jessie (Fairview)

Bass, Leanie (Fairview)

Bass, Martin Luther Jr. (Memorial)

Bass, Martin Luther Sr. (Fairview)

Bass, Mildred A. Burnside (Memorial)

Bass, Mose (Fairview)

Bass, Robert Anton (Fairview)

Bass, Willie Augustus (Fairview)

Baynes, Robert (Old)

Beal, Frances Cannon (Fairview)

Beal, Harold O. (Fairview)

Beal, Infants (Fairview)

Bearden, Charles Samuel (Memorial)

Bearden, Richard Glenn (New)

Bearden, Ola Cobb (Memorial)

Beazley, Hal Stokely (Fairview)

Beazley, Martha Stocks (Fairview)

Beckham, Bonnie Rose Davis (Fairview)

Beckham, Glenna Cantrell (Fairview)

Beckham, George Wesley (Fairview)

Beckham, Hubert Andrew Sr. (Old)

Beckham, John William Sr. (Fairview)

Beckham, Lucie Cantrell Pye (New)

Beckham, Mary Lee Beckham (Fairview)

Beckham, Samuel Frederick (Old)

Beckham, Willie Mae Shindlebower (Old)

Becknell, Neelie Mae Fretwell (Memorial)

Beddington, Doris Tumlin (Memorial)

Beele, Patricia Foster (Memorial)

Bell, Addison Key (Unknown)

Bell, Della S. (New)

Bell, Eunice Ann (Fairview)

Belyeu, Ethel V. McArthur Garrett (Memorial)

Benford, Fletcher Mae Patrick (Fairview)

Benford, Johnny Sr. (Fairview)

Benford, Roy James (Fairview)

Benford, Thomas "Snipe" Sr. (Fairview)

Benn, Adam Jr. (Fairview)

Benn, Fannie Mae Moore (Fairview)

Bennett, Carolyn J. (Memorial)

Bennett, Nathan Robertson Jr. (Memorial)

Bennett, Richard (Fairview)

Benware, Mollie Carter (New)

Benware, Napoleon Jr. (New)

Berry, Akin (Fairview)

Bertram, Norma Jean Bell (Fairview)

Bertram, Owen Key (Fairview)


Biddy, John Kirby (Memorial)

Biddy, M. Lucile Shepherd (New)

Biddy, Omega Nelson (Memorial)

Billups, Mary Mapp (Fairview)

Binion, Leroy Jr. (Memorial)

Bishop, Christie Lynn (Fairview)

Bishop, Eugene Andre (Memorial)

Bishop, Helen Anne Lee (Memorial)

Bishop, James (Fairview)

Bishop, Mildred M. (Fairview)

Bishop, Robert Murray (Memorial)

Bishop, Sam A. (Memorial)

Bishop, Tyrone (Fairview)

Black, Brian Charles (Memorial)

Bohler, Louise Allen (New)

Bolden, Olive (Fairview)

Bone, Annie Lou Evans (Memorial)

Bone, Bradford Christopher (Memorial)

Bone, Marvin J. Sr. (Memorial)

Bonner, Melrose Gregory (New)

Bonner, Theodocia Long (New)

Boone, Charlie (Fairview)

Boone, Lucy Irene (Fairview)

Booth, Martha Annette Vaughters (Fairview)

Bordsen, Magna K. (Memorial)

Bowden, Dorothy S. Duckworth (New)

Bowines, Henry (Fairview)

Bowman, John H. (New)

Boyd, James Walter Sr. (Memorial)

Boyd, Lillie Ruth (Fairview)

Boyd, Lola Mae M. (Memorial)

Brady, Willie Mae Whitehead (New)

Bridges, James O. (Memorial)

Bridges, Mary Emily Arnold (Memorial)

Brinkley, Elle Pernisa Ann (Fairview)

Brinkley, Luther M. (Memorial)

Brinkley, Sander Lee (Fairview)

Brobston, Edwin Livesly (New)

Broughman, Gloria Theriault (Memorial)

Brown, Andrew Rev. (New)

Brown, Charles Kenneth (Memorial)

Brown, Evelyn Louise Few (Memorial)

Brown, Fannie Mae Drummond 


Brown, G. Grace Carter (Memorial)

Brown, Harold Thomas (Memorial)

Brown, Horace (Memorial)

Brown, Johnson (Fairview)

Brown, Nellie C. (Memorial)

Brown, Paul Carrol (Memorial)

Brown, Raymond Hinton (Memorial)

Brown, Tommie Lou Alford (Fairview)

Brown, William T. (Memorial)

Browne, George Young Sr. (Old)

Browne, George Young Jr. (Old)

Browne, Hannah Howard (Old)

Browne, Nancy Caroline (Old)

Brumbalow, Horace Coile (Fairview)

Bryant, Clarence (Memorial)

Bryant, Hilda (Old)

Bryant, James Kent (Fairview)

Bryant, John C. (Old)

Bryant, Pauline Wheeler (Old)

Bryant, Sara Emma Collins (Fairview)

Bryant, Rena E. Armour (Memorial)

Bryant, Thomas Stocks (Fairview)

Bullington, Infant (New)

Bullington, Martha L. McAdams (New)

Bullington, Vernon E. (New)

Bullock, Sarah Martha Daws (Memorial)

Bullock, Walter Leroy Sr. (Memorial)

Burge, Alice Baskin (Memorial)

Burge, Francis Howard (Memorial)

Burke, Albert Mell Sr. (Memorial)

Burke, Edna Lucille (Fairview)

Burke, Edward (Fairview)

Burke, Isabell Cosby (Memorial)

Burke, Jeffie Shouse (Fairview)

Burke, Johnny (Fairview)

Burke, Mell (Fairview)

Burke, Rob (Fairview)

Burke, Rosa Bell (Fairview)

Burke, Willie Henry (Fairview)

Burkhart, Charles G. (Fairview)

Burkhart, Mildred E. (Fairview)

Burnett, Nancy (Fairview)

Burnett, Rebecca (Fairview)

Burney, Thomas Jefferson (Old)

Burr, Charles Hudson (New)

Burr, Harriet Hill (New)

Burr, William Hudson (New) 

Burruss, Mary Thomason (Old)

Bush, Lizzie (Old)

Bush, Marguerite Carbine (New)

Butler, Anthony (Old)s

Butler, David Edward (New)

Butler, Johnnie (Fairview)

Butler, Mary Lizzie Brady (Fairview)

Byrd, Ruby Nell Thomas (Fairview)


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