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NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.

NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.

Calhoun, Fannie Mae Brady (Fairview)

Callahan, J.D. 

Callahan, Leah Womack (Memorial)

Campbell, Charter (Old)

Campbell, Charter Archelaus (Old)

Campbell, Josephine Luncinda (Old)

Campbell, Julia Eliza M. Sanders (Old)

Campbell, Lafayette (Old)

Campbell, Lucius Troup (Old)

Campbell, Margaret Cornelia (Old)

Campbell, Robert C. (Unknown)

Campbell, Robert Harris (Fairview)

Campbell, Sarah Poullain (Fairview)

Campbell, Vara Adele Malone (New)
Campbell, Virginia E.

Campbell, Walter


Cantrell, Infant (Unknown)

Carbine, Ethel (New)

Carbine, Harriet B. Burnett (New)
Carbine, Louise Cox (New)

Carbine, Marie Bell Aycock (New)

Carbine, Philip Charles (New)

Carbine, Philip Victor (New)
Carbine, Rachael Victoria (New)

Carbine, Raymond Richard

Carbine, Sarah A. (New)

Carbine, Victor S. (New)

Carbine, William Lucius, Jr. (New)

Carbine, William Lucius, III (New)

Cardwell, Amanda T. (Old)

Cardwell, George (Old)

Cargile, Charles Cicero (New)

Cargile, Frances Christine Eggleston (New)

Carmichael, Weyman Liston, III "Chip"


Carpenter, Emily Knight (New)
Carpenter, Marvin Nelson (New)

Carr, E

Carroll, Asenath A. (Old)

Carroll, George Mack (Old)
Carroll, Joseph T. (Old)
Carroll, Josephine E. (Old)
Carroll, M. G. (Old)

Carson, Alice Venable (Memorial)

Carson, Henry Grady (Memorial)

Carter, Allmon (Fairview)
Carter, Anne Varner

Carter, Annie Mae (Fairview)

Carter, Charlie (Fairview)

Carter, Clyde Baxter, Jr.

Carter, Daniel Mathews (Fairview)

Carter, Delories Binion (Fairview)

Carter, Earnestine Brinkley (Fairview)

Carter, Electa Anne Varner (Old)

Carter, Elie (Fairview)

Carter, Eulis (Fairview)

Carter, George Mell (Memorial)

Carter, Harriet Gale (Fairview)

Carter, Kenneth Marion (Memorial)

Carter, Lilybel Hollis (Fairview)

Carter, Martha Beatrice Tiller (Memorial)

Carter, Mary Gladys (Fairview)

Carter, Mattie Mae "Bill" Blackwell Booth


Carter, Minnie Lee Inman (Fairview)

Carter, Missouri (Fairview)

Carter, Mollie (Fairview)

Carter, William Derrick "D.C." (Fairview)

Casey, Ella Nora (New)

Casey, Henry Mitchell (New)

Cash, Anna Walker (Fairview)

Cash, Leola (New)

Cash, Mandy Johnson (Unknown)

Cash, R.G. (Fairview)

Casper, Catherine Claudette Vaughters


Cathey, Ernest Watson, Sr. (Fairview)

Cathey, Eula Jackson Rogers (Fairview)

Cathey, Henry Jackson (Fairview)

Cathey, James Alonzo (Fairview)

Cathey, John Thomas (Fairview)

Cathey, Lowe Hillman (Fairview)

Cathey, Nena Frances (Fairview)

Cavin, Charles C. (Fairview)

Cavin, Cora (Fairview)

Cavin, Florence Bagby (Fairview)

Cavin, James Gibson (Memorial)

Cavin, Kate Gibson (Fairview)

Cavin, Mildred Halleen Tucker (Memorial)

Cavin, Peggy Florence (Fairview)

Cavin, William D., Sr. (Fairview)

Cavin, Woody P. (Fairview)

Chambers, Dorothy Spearman (Memorial)

Chambers, Glennie Bearden (Old)

Chambers, John Patterson (New)

Chambers, Levy Bearden, Jr. (Memorial)

Chambers, Levi Bearden, Sr.(Old)

Chambers, Levi D. 

Chambers, Martha Emily

Chambers, Mattie E. (New)

Chambers, William Bearden

Cooper, Emma Julia Butler (Fairview)

Cooper, John (Old)

Cooper, John

Cooper, Sara Head (Memorial)

Copelan, Anna Virginia (New)

Copelan, Edgar Admas (Fairview)

Copelan, Frank B. (Fairview)

Copelan, John Fuller (Fairview) 

Copelan, Mary Cassie (Fairview)

Copelan, Mattie A. (New)

Copelan, Otis Christian (New)

Copelan, Wheeler Rossman, Jr. (Memorial)

Copeland, Ernest Grady (New)

Corday, Octavia Pou (New)

Corry, Hilda Winifred McCart (Memorial)

Corry, William James (Memorial)

Cosby, Bernice Nel (Fairview)

Cosby, Nonie Bell Heard (Fairview)

Cottrell, Nelda Juanita (Unknown)

Covington, R.B. (Unknown)

Cox, George Edward (Fairview)

Cox, John S.

Cox, Johnny (Fairview)

Cox, Mary F. (Old)
Cox, Timothy Bernard (Fairview)


Craig, Cecil Kirby 

Craig, Claudine C.

Craig, Georgia Anne Kirby

Craig, Hazel Reid (Fairview)

Craig, John D. 

Craig, William Gustus

Crawford, Annie H. (Fairview)

Crawford, Custer E. (Memorial)

Crawford, Elizabeth Ann (Old)

Crawford, Elmer "Pot" (New)

Crawford, Estoria Armour (New)

Crawford, Gazaway E.

Crawford, George S.

Crawford, J. H.

Crawford, Margaret Lucile Prince (Memorial)

Crawford, Martha E. Spearman (Memorial)

Crawford, Mary E. Smith

Crawford, Mary Nancy Perkins (Memorial)

Crawford, Paul Augustus, Jr. (Memorial)

Crawford, Roda Rathbone (Old)

Crawford, Thomas H.

Crawford, Tony Lorell (Fairview)

Crawford, William H. (Old)

Crawley, Jett T.

Crawley, John Wesley (New)

Crawley, Katie Toccoa Thomas (New)

Crawley, Mamie

Crawley, Roline (New)

Crawley, Simon Benjamin (New)

Crawley, Toccoa Thomas

Crenshaw, Mary Hampton (Memorial)

Crenshaw, Robert Wade (Memorial)

Crew, Bernice Allen (Fairview)

Crew, Charles Percy (Fairview)

Crew, Hester Martha (Fairview)

Crew, James Edgard (Fairview)

Crew, Lessie Allen (Fairview)

Crisp, Huberta Alliston "Spunky" (Memorial)

Crook, Weldon Reese (Memorial)

Cross, Allen Candler (Fairview)

Cross, Earnest Candler (Fairview)

Cross, Janie Milling Veale (Fairview)

Cross, Laverne Lawrence (Fairview)

Crowe, Grady Knox (Memorial)

Crowley, Charles A., Jr. (Memorial)

Crump, John S. (Old)


Culbreth, Augustus Hansel (Fairview)

Culbreth, Ella

Culbreth, Mary Alice Allen

Culbreth, Mattie Lee Dunnevant (Fairview)


Culpepper, Leona Ballard (New)
Culpepper, Rosser Matilda

Cumming, Donald Neil (Memorial)

Cumming, Edith Charlotte Alguire (Memorial)

Cummings, Sandra Ruth Hall (Memorial)

Cunningham, Barbara A (New)

Cunningham, Charles Jarboe (Memorial)

Cunningham, J.C.

Cunningham, James A. (New)

Cunningham, Jesse Perry Atkinson (Memorial)

Cunningham, Joe R. (New)

Cunningham, Leona Jarboe (New)

Cunningham, Mary Watson (Memorial)

Cunningham, Walter L. (New)

Curington, Mattie Mae Shields (Fairview)

Charleston, Eddie (Fairview)

Charleston, Edward (Fairview)

Charleston, Henrietta Smith (Fairview)

Charleston, Mary Elizabeth Todd (Fairview)

Chastain, Betty Patrick (Fairview)
Chastain, Infant Son (Fairview)

Chastain, Rex Wellmon (Fairview)

Chatman, Nancy Burnett (Fairview)

Chiles, Frances Ann Butler (Old)

Chiles, Frank Willis (Old)

Chiles, James Edward (Old)

Chiles, John Butler (Old)

Chiles, Mary Frank Butler (Old)

Chiles, Sarah Ayer (Old)

Ciraval, Kenneth (Memorial)

Ciraval, Jacqueline Lawson (Memorial)

Clanton, Geneva T. (Fairview)

Clark, Allen (New)

Clark, Elizabeth Tinsley Ballard (New)

Clark, Ida Stovall (Old)

Clark, Osgood, Jr. (Old)

Clark, Rosie Lee (Fairview)
Clark, Terrie Lyn (Fairview)

Clarke, Isham Fannin (Old)

Clay, Iola Tallulah (Unknown) 

Clay, Mary Sanders (New)

Clayton, Burton, Sr. (Fairview)

Clement, Moses Wesley (New)

Clevenger, Angeline (Old)

Cochran, Arthur Monroe (Fairview)

Cochran, Ella Jane Beckham (Memorial)

Cochran, Florrie Smith (Memorial)

Cochran, George Robert, Jr. (Memorial)

Cochran, Jane Beckham (Memorial)

Cochran, Julia (Fairview)

Cochran, Lynda (Memorial)

Cochran, William Beverly, Jr. (Memorial)

Cochran, William Beverly, Sr. (Memorial)

Cochran, William H. (New)

Cocroft, James A. (New)

Cocroft, James Aden (New)

Cocroft, Maude Sturgis

Cocroft, Sarah Ann Gibbs

Cocroft, William Henry

Cohen, Eleazer Hart (New)

Cohen, Eleazer Isaac "Sampson" (New)

Cohen, Eliza Bell "Lida" Foster (New)

Cohen, Ella L. Cox (New)

Cohen, Octavia Cohen (New)
Cohen, Samuel Barnett (New)

Cohen, Samuel Baldwin (New)

Colbert, Alton (Fairview)

Colbert, Beautell (Fairview)

Colbert, Bobby Peter (Memorial)

Colbert, Catherine Dolvins Scott (Fairview)

Colbert, Emma (Memorial)

Colbert, Henrietta (Fairview)

Colbert, Henry Kenny (Fairview)

Colbert, Joe Lewis (Fairview)

Cole, Lois Newsome (Fairview)

Cole, Mattie Ann (Fairview)

Cole, Mildred Ann Williams (Memorial)


Coleman, Arthur Cleveland (Memorial)

Coleman, Ethel (Fairview)

Collier, Annie Laurie

Collier, Charles William (Old)

Collier, Frances F. Carroll (Old)

Collier, Hattie May Bowden Carter (Fairview)

Collier, Thomas Jefferson (Old)

Collier, William H. (Old)

Collier, Willie Mae (Fairview)

Collins, Kenneth Lee (Memorial)

Collins, Maggie Lee Allen (Memorial)

Collins, Steven Earl (Memorial)s

Collins, Troy (Memorial)

Colvard, Andrew P. (Old)
Colvard, Andrew P.

Conner, Bruce Henson (Fairview)

Conner, Claudella Young (Memorial)

Conner, Inez Loggins (Fairview)

Conner, John E. (Memorial)

Conner, Maxie (Memorial)

Conner, Millard C., Jr. (Fairview)
Conner, Millard C., Sr. (Fairview)

Conner, Thelma Bone (Memorial)

Conwell, Alberta (Fairview)

Cook, Cassie (Fairview)

Cook, Clinton LeRoy (Fairview)

[Cook] Cooke, James Leroy (Fairview)

Cook, Sarah Perkins (Old)

Cook, Thelma Ruth (Fairview)

Cooke, Carrie Wallace (Old)

Cooke, Constance Baumann (Memorial)

Cooke, Edgar Porter (Old)

Cooke, Frederick Judd (Old)

Cooke, George Albert (Memorial)

Cooke, Harriett Annette (Old)

Cooke, Lucien Augustus (Old)

Cooke, Lucien Porter (Old)

Cooke, Sarah Benham Judd (Old)


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