NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.


Surname - H

Hackney, Andrew Jonathan (Memorial

Hadaway, Mrs. M.E. (Old)

Hadden, Leroy (Memorial)

Hadden, Mildred (Memorial)

Hahn, Twyla Doremus (Fairview)

Hall, Bella (Old)

Hall, Cornelia (Fairview)

Hall, Doris Denny (Fairview)

Hall, Gertrude Elizabeth Lynch (Fairview)

Hall, Julia Mae Frances Cargile (New)

Hall, Leonard (Fairview)

Hall, Leroy Demory (Memorial)

Hall, Linton (Fairview)

Hall, Louella Early (Fairview)

Hall, Miss Hixey (Old)

Hall, Walter Joseph Jr. (Fairview)

Hall, Will S. (Fairview)

Hames, Baker (New)

Hames, John (New)

Hancock, Green C. (New / Confederate Sec.)

Hanes, Carl J. (Memorial)

Hanes, Cobb L. (Memorial)

Hanes, Florine W. (Memorial)

Hanes, George Clifton (Memorial)

Hanes, Lucy M. (Memorial)

Hannah, Dot A. (New)

Hannah, Homer Richmond (New)

Hanner, Asbury (Old)

Hanner, Eva Winter (New)

Hanner, Jeffie S. (Old)

Hanner, John C. (Old)

Hanner, Katherine O. (Old)

Hansford, Fannie Madora Snellings (New)

Hansford, Joel M. Mack (New)

Hansford, Marion Elmer (New)

Hansford, Oppie Estelle (New)

Hanson, Beatrice Booth (Fairview)

Hanson, Crawford (Memorial)

Hanson, George N. (Memorial)

Hanson, George W. Jr. (Memorial)

Hanson, James F. (Old)

Hanson, Joel Crawford (Memorial)

Hanson, Kitty Crawford (Memorial)

Hanson, Mildred H. (Memorial)

Hanson, Oscar T. (Fairview)

Hanson, Sylvia (Memorial)

Hanson, Victoria V. Cox (Old)

Hardy, Annie Belle O'Dillon (Memorial)

Harley, James Nicholson (Memorial)

Harper, Dewey L. (Memorial)

Harper, George L. (Memorial)

Harper, James Henry (Memorial)

Harper, Mary Lee M. (Memorial)

Harper, Sarah Elizabeth (Memorial)

Harper, Willie M. McHugh (Memorial)

Harrell, H.L. (Old)

Harrell, N.J. (Old)

Harridge, Fred A. (Memorial)

Harridge, Melvin M. (Memorial)

Harridge, Velva H. (Memorial)

Harris, Abie A. (Memorial)

Harris, Albert Thomas (Fairview)

Harris, Allene (Fairview)

Harris, Allie Jeanette (Fairview)

Harris, Elizabeth S. (Old)

Harris, Frances Lou Whitaker (Fairview)

Harris, Frank (New)

Harris, G. (New)

Harris, General Jeptha Vining (Old)

Harris, George (Fairview)

Harris, Gus Sr. (Fairview)

Harris, Infant (Old)

Harris, Jesse Dillard (Fairview)

Harris, John Dillard Jr. (Fairview)

Harris, John Oliver (Fairview)

Harris, Latitia Birts (Fairview)

Harris, Lucius Mathews (New)

Harris, Martha C. (Old)

Harris, Mildred Haman (Memorial)

Harris, Pearlie Mae Ward (Fairview)

Harris, Plummer L. (Fairview)

Harris, Sarah "Sally" Carter Hunt (Old)

Harris, Sarah Frances Baldwin (Fairview)

Harris, Susie (Fairview)

Harriss, Elizabeth Penick (Fairview)

Harriss, Robert Stovall (Fairview)

Hart, Maud Atkinson (New)

Hart, W.T. (Old / Confederate Sec.)

Harwell, Adelaide L. (Memorial)

Harwell, Agnes Daniel (Fairview)

Harwell, Cornelius G. Jr. (Memorial)

Harwell, Cornelius G. Sr. (Fairview)

Harwell, Crystal G. (Memorial)

Harwell, Dewitt (Fairview)

Harwell, Littleton T. (probably Fairview)

Harwell, Lucy W. (Fairview)

Harwell, Martha A. Campbell (probably Fairview)

Harwell, Mattie V. (Fairview)

Harwell, Verna G. (Fairview)

Harwell, Ouida H. (Fairview)

Hatch, Elizabeth Speed (Old)

Hatchell, Isabelle Allen (Memorial)

Hatchell, James Pierce (Memorial)

Hawk, Eunice Ashe (Memorial)

Hawk, Thomas H. (Memorial)

Hawkins, Alma Leona Peters (Memorial)

Hawkins, Mary Ann Blackstock (Memorial)

Hawkins, Walter N. (Memorial)

Hayes, Ann Elizabeth (Fairview)

Hayes, Anna Hill Bowles (Old)

Hayes, Ernest W. (Fairview)

Hayes, Mary Nell Craig (Fairview)

Haygood, Mary J. (New)

Haygood, W.B. (New)

Head, Florence M. "Bill" (Memorial)

Head, George W. (Fairview)

Head, Hester (Old)

Head, J. Pierce (Memorial)

Head, J.R. (New)

Head, James L. (New)

Head, Jerry Sr. (New)

Head, Johnny F. (New)

Head, Mattie M. (Fairview)

Head, Moody (New)

Head, Patricia Ann (Fairview)

Head, William (Old)

Head, William H. (Memorial)

Head, Willie Mae King (New)

Heard, Harriet Magrouder (Old)

Hearn, Cynthia Catherine Williams (New)

Hearn, James Russell Sr. (Unknown)

Height, Emma Lou Massey (Unknown)

Height, Howard (Fairview)

Hemperley, Walter C. (Fairview)

Henderson, Martha Bonner (New)

Henderson, R.E. (Fairview)

Hendrix, Infant (Fairview)

Hendrix, Jimmy Bearden Jr. (Fairview)

Hendrix, John W. (Fairview)

Hendrix, Johnny Lee (Memorial)

Hendrix, Nora W. (Fairview)

Hendrix, Roy W. (Fairview)

Hendrix, Suellen Hunt "Ellen" (Fairview)

Hendrix, Vinnie Gurley (Fairview)

Hendrix, Walter, Sr. (Fairview)

Hendrix, William A. (Fairview)

Hensler, James Carter (Memorial)

Hensley, Agnes Few (Memorial)

Hensley, Georgia T. (Memorial)

Hensley, Grady E. (Memorial)

Hensley, Harold Kenneth (Memorial)

Hensley, Lemuel A. (Memorial)

Henson, Betty Beal (Memorial)

Henson, Kirk Edward (Memorial)

Herbert, Dorothy Mae Conner (Memorial)

Herren, Carrie Belle Almand (Memorial)

Herren, C.C. "Buck" (Memorial)

Herren, Rosalyn Rish (Memorial)

Herren, Todd (Memorial)

Herren, Samuel Gresham (Memorial)

Herring, Tara Lynn Stapp (Memorial)

Herrod, James Wesley (New)

Herrod, Mary (New)

Herrod, R.W. (New)

Hester, Jessie Arrington (New)

Hester, Jimmy  (Fairview)

Hester, Leila McD. (New)

Hester, Margaret K. (New)

Hester, W.A. (New)

Hester, William H. (New)

Heyser, John (New)

Heyser, Mittie Dyer (New)

Heyser, Sarah (New)

Hicks, Lavenia Carbine (New)

Hicky, Carson Page (Old)

Hicky, Dan McHenry Jr. (Old)

Hicky, Dan McHenry Sr. (Old)

Hicky, Hattie Mina Reid (Old)

Hicky, Louise Marion McHenry (Old)

Higginbotham, Alice Gregory (New)

Higginbotham, Effie Mae (New)

Higginbotham, Millard Hill Sr. (New)

Higginbotham, Millard Hill Jr. (New)

Higginbotham, Rufus Hough (New)

High, Dora (Old)

High, Elizabeth Cook Emerson (Old)

High, Ella M. (Old)

High, Emma (Old)

High, Freddie Lee (Old)

High, Joseph Richardson (Old)

High, Mark Emerson (Old)

High, Martha Thomas (New)

High, William L. (New)

Hight, Henry (New)

Hight, Irene Turner (New)

Hight, John (New)

Hight, Julia (New)

Hight, Kate H. (New)

Hill, Clarence (Old)

Hill, Dorothy (Fairview)

Hill, Emily Reid (Old)

Hill, Hugh Legare (Old)

Hill, John Edward (Old)

Hill, Joshua Jr. (Old)

Hill, Roosevelt (Fairview)

Hill, Walter Scott (Old)

Hills, Dorothy C. (Fairview)

Hilsman, Ann (Old)

Hilsman, Anna Mabel (Old)

Hilsman, Dorothy L. (Memorial)

Hilsman, Frances (Old)

Hilsman, Joseph Augustus (Old)

Hilsman, Joseph Henry (Old)

Hilsman, Porter S. (Old)

Hilsman, Robert T., Sr. (Memorial)

Hilsman, Sarah Medora (Old)

Hilsman, Thomas H. (Old)

Hilsman, Tommie Barrett (Old)

Hilsman, W.C. (Old)

Hires, Michael L. Sr. (Memorial)

Hobson,? (Old / Confederate Sec.)

Hodnett, Bruce D. (Fairview)

Hodnett, Mattie Ree Boone (Fairview)

Hodnett, Ernest Grady (Fairview)

Hogan, H. Grady (Fairview)

Hogan, Henry Grady Sr. (Memorial)

Hogan, James L. (Memorial)

Hogan, Lois E. (Memorial)

Hogan, Mary Clair H. (Memorial)

Hogan, Sarah Frances (Memorial)

Hogue, Easter (New)

Hogue, James Sansom (New)

Hogue, Paul (New)

Hogue, Porter Burnett (New)

Holden, Mattie Bell (Fairview)

Holland, Cornelia Taylor (Old)

Holland, Jonas Herman Jr. (Old)

Holland, Kate H. (Old)

Holland, Lula Trammell Wofford (Old)

Holland, Roy Fowler (Memorial)

Holland, Thomas Harris (Old)

Holland, W.W. 

          (New / Confederate Sec.)

Holland, Wade Hampton Jr. (Old)

Hollingsworth, Anna Maria  (Old)

Hollingsworth, Charles J. (Old)

Hollingsworth, James Henry (Old)

Hollingsworth, Sarah E.  Rees (Old)

Hollingsworth, William T. (Old)

Hollis, John Thomas (Fairview)

Hollis, Mabelle Curtis (Fairview)

Holloway, Maggie Martin Burney (New)

Holmes, Cammie Pickett (Memorial)

Holmes, Canady Lee (Fairview)

Holmes, John Paul (Memorial)

Holmes, Sidney Rankin (Memorial)

Holmes, William H. (Fairview)

Hood, Bessie Hight (New)

Hood, George G. (Memorial)

Hood, Jessie Craig (Memorial)

Hope, Rufus Sr. (Fairview)

Hopkins, Mamie R. Knox (Memorial)

Horton, Ruby (Memorial)

Hossler, George Edward (Memorial)

Hossler, Helen L. Radcliffe (Memorial)

Hough, Alveron Sanford (Old)

Hough, Charles L. (New)

Hough, Ephraim III (Old)

Hough, Mary Frances Brown (Unknown)

Houghton, ? (New)

Houghton, James Redic (Fairview)

Houghton, John H. (Fairview)

Houghton, Lucy A. (Fairview)

Houghton, Martha (Fairview)

Howard, Bessie C. (Fairview)

Howard, Fanny R. (Old)

Howard, Hannah Peacock Ball (Old)

Howard, Johnnie (Fairview)

Howard, Minnie B. (Fairview)

Howard, Otelia Jackson (Fairview)

Howard, Sterling (Old)

Howell, Annie Laura (Fairview)

Howell, Bertha Mae Carter (Fairview)

Howell, Eddie Jr. (Fairview)

Howell, Edwin L (Fairview) 

Howell, Jedediah L. (New)

Howell, John M. (New)

Howell, Larry Donnell (Fairview)

Howell, Marshall (Fairview)

Howell, Mary (New)

Howell, Mary M. Stewart (Memorial) 

Howell, Nathan (Fairview)

Howell, Tommy Lee (Fairview)

Howell, Tracy Lee Brown (Fairview)

Howell, Wilburn Maurice (Fairview)

Howell, William Alford (Memorial)

Howell, Willie Clarence (Fairview)

Howell, Willie Lee (Fairview)

Hubbard, Erasmus

          (New / Confederate Sec.)

Hubbard, Ivah Dickson (Fairview)

Hubbard, James Maxie (Fairview)

Hubbard, Janie Lois Dorsey (Fairview)

Hubbard, Robert Lee (Fairview)

Hudson, Henry (Fairview)

Hudson, Lena Robinson (Fairview)

Huff, Bonnie Black (Fairview)

Huff, Doyle L. (Memorial)

Huff, Juanita B. (Memorial)

Huff, Roy Barnett (Fairview)

Huff, William Herschel (Fairview)

Hughes, Carter Franklin (Fairview)

Hughes, Dallas Cornelia Aaron (Fairview)

Hughes, Dewitt Franklin (Fairview)

Hughes, Willie Mae Millwood (Fairview)

Hume, Addie C.  (New)

Hume, Addie Lee (New)

Hume, Anna Moore (New)

Hume, Benjamin Lowen (New)

Hume, Benjamin Lowen (New)

Hume, Clyde Veal (New)

Hume, Edward L. (New)

Hume, Elizabeth Chambers (New)

Hume, James Veal (New)

Hume, Joseph A. (New)

Hume, Mary Ben (New)

Hume, Rev. Benjamin Lowen (New)

Hunt, Caroline H. Candler (Fairview)

Hunt, Lowery Weyman Sr. (Fairview)

Hunter, Alice (Fairview)

Hunter, Clark (New)

Hunter, Ida Clark (New)

Hunter, John Hudson (New)

Hunter, Nathan Hudson (Old)

Hurst, John Lane (New)

Hurst, Sara Evelyn (New)

Hurst, William Elijah (New)

Hurt, Baby (Fairview)

Hurt, W.K. (Old / Confederate Sec.)

Hutchins, Eva V. Jackson (New)

Hymer, Elmer "Abe" (Fairview)

Hymer, P. Jean Hancock (Fairview)