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NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.

NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.

Gage, Bryan Wesley, Jr. (Memorial)

Gaissert, Clinton Gilbert, Sr. (Old)*

Gaissert, Ethel A. Jones (Old)

Gaissert, Irby Frederick (Old)*

Gaissert, Jefferson Harmon (Old)

Gaissert, Martin Harris (Old)*

Gardner, Elizabeth (Old)

Gardner, Martha F. Clayton (Fairview)

Gardner, Samuel (Old)

Garner, Benjamin (Old)

Garris, Don Lee, Jr. (Fairview)

Garrison, Debra Ann (Fairview)

Garrison, Elizabeth McHan (Fairview)

Garrison, William Thomas (Fairview)

Garth, Mildred Lott (Memorial)

Garth, Robert Wilton Sr. (Memorial)

Gartrell, Henry Dolvin (Fairview)

Gates, Betty Jean Butterfield (Memorial)

Gates, Hardy Duane (Memorial)

Geiger, Byrd Alexander (Fairview)

George, Amelia Pauline Mustin (New)

George, Attye Ruth Overton (Fairview)

George, Calvin (New)

George, Charles Franklin (New)

George, Chelsey Marion (New)

George, Elizabeth Johnson (New)

George, Emerson Holland (New)

George, Emily Frances Holland (New)

George, Emily Virginia (New)

George, Franklin (New)

George, Franklin Charles Sr. (Fairview)      George, Georgia Virginia Lowe (New)

George, Lucy Ann Brown (Fairview)

George, Martha (New)

George, Martha Bibzer Hardeman (New)

George, Millard Isaac (New)

George, William Hardeman Sr. (Fairview)

Gibbons, Mary Woodfin Palmer (Memorial)

Gibbons, William Barnett (Memorial)

Gibbs, Carrie Peacock (Fairview)

Gibbs, Dr. Thomas Preston (New)

Gibbs, Essie (Fairview)

Gibbs, Fannie (Fairview)

Gibbs, Fannie Coline (New)

Gibbs, Fannie Martin (New)

Gibbs, Florine Grant (Fairview)

Gibbs, Lucy Elizabeth "Elise" (New)

Gibbs, Margaret M. (New)

Gibbs, Mrs. Thomas (New)

Gibbs, Raymond "Jack" Jr. (Fairview)

Gibbs, Raymond Jr. (Fairview)

Gibbs, Raymond Sr. (Fairview)

Gibbs, Teet (Fairview)

Gibbs, Thomas Preston (New)

Giddens, David Claude (Memorial)

Gilbert, Arthur J. Jr. (Fairview)

Gilbert, Charles Wilkes (Memorial)

Gilbert, Demus E. (Memorial)

Gilbert, Dorothy Cornelia Moore (New)

Gilbert, Flora Mae Adcock (Memorial)

Gilbert, Irvin (Fairview)

Gilbert, Linton Cornelius (Memorial)

Gilbert, Solomon (Fairview)

Gilbert, Vivian Phillips (Memorial)

Giles, Minnie Victoria Lay (Memorial)

Giles, Willie Overton (Memorial)

Gill, Grady (Memorial)

Gilmore, Dorothy Dixon (Fairview)

Gilmore, John Varner (New)

Gilmore, Oliver A. (New)

Gilstrap, Homer N. (Memorial)

Givens, John Marshall (Memorial)

Glanton, Geneva T. (Fairview)

Gleeson, Bridget (Old)

Glenn, Lessie Few (Old)

Gnehm, Grace Carson (Memorial)

Gnehm, John Robert "Coach", (Memorial)

Godfrey, Agnes Hamilton (New)

Godfrey, Bessie Ponder (New)

Godfrey, Captain J.E. (New)

Godfrey, Caroline Hardee (Fairview)

Godfrey, Dr. James Erwin (New)

Godfrey, Mary Frances (New)

Godfrey, Mary Perkins (New)

Godfrey, Peter Walton (Fairview)

Golden, Henry (Old)

Golden, Margaret (Old)

Goldwire, Cephus R. (Old)

Goldwire, Evans A. (Old)

Goldwire, Harper Charley  (Old)

Goldwire, Harper Ridges (Old)

Goldwire, Julia A. (Old)

Goldwire, Louisa (Old)

Goldwire, Wendal R. (Old)

Gomes, Brandy Lynn Lalonde (Memorial)

Goodner, J. Vance (Memorial)

Goodner, Lurlie Esther Ham (Memorial)

Gordon, John (Old)

Grant, Gloria E. Wallace (Memorial)

Grant, Judith Colleen Morey (Memorial)

Grant, Lonnie Carlton (Memorial)

Grant, Von Roger (Memorial)

Graves, Azariah (Old)

Graves, Carroll E. (Fairview)

Graves, Elmer L. (Fairview)

Graves, Katurah F. Wellborn (Fairview)

Graves, Lilla Wellborn (Fairview)

Graves, Rufus W. (Fairview)

Graves, Sallie Porter (Old)

Green, Ann Eliza (Old)

Green, Minerva Veasley (Memorial)

Green, Teresa Ann Doremus (Memorial)

Gregg, Jacquelyn "Dianne" Junkins


Gresham, James Thomas (Old)

Gresham, Rosa Stovall (Old)

Gresham, Vashti Tuggle (Old)

Gresham, Wilburn Stokes (Old)

Griffin, Eula Mae Drummond (Fairview)

Griffin, John L. (New)

Griffin, Thelma Ree (Fairview)

Griffin, Vernita Dene (Fairview)

Griffith, D. Porter (Memorial)

Griffith, Herbert Byron (Fairview)

Grisham, Frances Shouse (Fairview)

Grizzard, Eleanor Clark (Old)

Guernsey, N.C. (Old)

Gunnells, Fannie Tiller (Fairview)

Gunnells, Randall Lamar (Fairview)

Gunnells, Robert Roy (Fairview)

Gurley, Mary (Fairview)

Gutierrez, Virgilio G. (Fairview)

* denotes memorial stone, no burial


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