NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.


Surname - W

Wade, Alice Irene Butterworth (Memorial)

Wade, Alice Jean (Fairview)

Wade, Charlie (Fairview)

Wade, Charlie (Old)

Wade, Elizabeth P. (Old)

Wade, Emma B. Copeland (Fairview)

Wade, Fanny R. (Old)

Wade, Harriette B. Wilson (  )

Wade, Harriett Brooke Thompson (New)

Wade, James A. (Old)

Wade, James Henry (Old)

Wade, John Hudson (Old)

Wade, Lamar Spurgeon (Fairview)

Wade, Louis "Louie" Jr. (Fairview)

Wade, Louis (Fairview)

Wade, Minnie (Old)

Wade, R.C. (New)

Wade, R.D. (Old)

Wade, Sallie P. (Old)

Wade, Spurgeon P. (Memorial)

Wade, William F. (Old)

Wade, Willie Smith (New)

Wadford, Helen Locklear (Memorial)

Wahl, Olevia Leigh (Memorial)

Waldrip, Allison Margaret Berk (Memorial)

Walker, Alan Turner (New)

Walker, Anne Barrett (New)

Walker, Bessie Lee Cross (Fairview)

Walker, Bessie D. Robertson (Old)

Walker, Beth (New)

Walker, Bryan Shepherd (New)

Walker, Charles C. (Old)

Walker, Druellyn Gibbs (New)

Walker, Edmund Byne (Old)

Walker, Eliza Fannin (Old)

Walker, Elizabeth Turner (New)

Walker, Evan Lawrence, Jr. (New)

Walker, Evan Lawrence, Sr. (New)

Walker, Florence P. Shepherd (New)

Walker, Frances Elizabeth Wells (Fairview)

Walker, George Whitfield (Fairview)

Walker, Isham F. (Old)

Walker, John Byne (Old)

Walker, Kathleen Dee McCreary (Memorial)

Walker, Lisa (New)

Walker, Littleton Harwell Sr. (New)

Walker, Littleton Harwell Jr. (Fairview)

Walker, Mary Lou Daniel (Memorial)

Walker, Mary Page (New)

Walker, Maxwell Warren (Memorial)

Walker, Mineola (Old)

Walker, Pierre Gautier I (Old)

Walker, Peter Gautier II (New)

Walker, Peter Gautier III (New)

Walker, Robert Shepherd (Fairview)

Wallace, Anne Douglas (Old)

Wallace, Betty Hooten (Memorial)

Wallace, Caroline Peebles Browne (Old)

Wallace, Harold Whitney Jr. (Memorial)

Wallace, Harold "Chip" Whitney III (Memorial)

Wallace, Henry T. (New)

Wallace, Leonard Dewey (Old)

Wallace, Martha D. (New)

Wallace, Rev. Hugh Smead (Old)

Wallace, Walker Frederick (New)

Wallis, Brewer (Old)

Walters, Albert Alvin (Memorial)

Walton, Edmund Reid (New)

Walton, Elder Bea Cook (Fairview)

Walton, Emma West (

Walton, Virginia Victoria "Jennie" (New)

Walton, Mary Louisa Colquitt Heard (New)

Walton, Mary Francis Fitzpatrick (Old)

Walton, Mary Jossey (New)

Walton, Mary W. (Fairview)

Walton, Peter Wyche (New)

Walton, Peter Wyche (Old)

Walton, Susan Terrell Reid (New)

Ward, Arthur Joe (Memorial)

Ward, Chris Dale (Memorial)

Ward, Ernest Worth (Memorial)

Ward, Hassieleen Hendrix (Memorial)

Ward, Roy Paul (Memorial)

Ward, Shelton Wade (Fairview)

Ward, Tammi B. (Memorial)

Ware, A.S. (Old)

Ware, Caroline H. Peeples (Old)

Ware, Mary Chiles (Old)

Washington, Zephyr Lee Flint (New)

Waters, Hallie Richter (New)

Waters, Hillary Herbert, Sr. (New)

Waters, Lillian Jacobsen (Memorial)

Waters, Mariah Taylor (Unknown)

Waters, Martin Richter (New)

Waters, William R. (New)

Watkins, Brian K. (Memorial)

Watkins, Dora Stovall (New)

Watkins, Katie C. (Fairview)

Watkins, Robert Glenn (Memorial)

Watkins, Sarah Jo Layne (Memorial)

Watkins, Rowan (New)

Weaver, Ezell (Fairview)

Welch, Anna Margaret Harrison (Fairview)

Welch, Flora Victoria Shirley (Fairview)

Welch, James Everett (Fairview)

Welch, Ralph Ross Jr. (Fairview)

Welch, Ralph Ross Sr. (Fairview)

West, Cassie S. (New)

West, Hugh Oglesby (New)

West, Ida Ballard (New)

Westervelt, Sarah Quinney (New)

Wheeler, Arthur "Whit" (New)

Wheeler, Daisy Roper (New)

Wheeler, Edith O. Howell (New)

Wheeler, Elizabeth Epps (Fairview)

Wheeler, Ernest R. (New)

Wheeler, Infant Son (New)

Wheelis, Elizabeth Furlow (New)

Wheelis, Thomas Hughes (New)

Whelchel, Judy Kay Massey (Memorial)

Whelchel, Rupert Thomas (Memorial)

Whisnant, Asbury (Fairview)

Whisnant, Ernestine (Fairview)

Whisnant, Private Billy E. (Fairview)

Whisnant, William Ray (Fairview)

Whitaker, Barney Bee Sr. (Fairview)

Whitaker, Barney Bee Jr. (Fairview)

Whitaker, Mary P. Harriss (Fairview)

Whitaker, Nancy Isabelle Smith (Fairview)

Whitaker, Nannie Belle Smith (Fairview)

White, Brenda E. (Fairview)

White, Cecil A. (Fairview)

White, Doris H. (Fairview)

White, Edward Olin Jr. (Memorial)

White, Grady (Fairview)

White, Janie Sue Gillespie Vaughn (Fairview)

White, Martha Jane (Fairview)

White, Millard Jr. (Fairview)

White, Minnie P. Massey (Fairview)

Whitehead, Elena Bass (Fairview)

Whitehead, Ellison Franklin Sr. (Memorial)

Whitfield, Janie Dorsey (Fairview)

Whitfield, Johnnie (Fairview)

Whitfield, Neal Cornelius (Fairview)

Wilbanks, Lula H. (Memorial)

Wiley, Lucy White (Old)

Wiley, Maria Deming (New)

Wiley, Walter A. (New)

Wiley, Woodruff D. (Old)

Williams, Benjamin J. (Fairview)

Williams, Clarence Owen (Fairview)

Williams, Cora B. (Old)

Williams, Ervin (Fairview)

Williams, Ida Mae (Memorial)

Williams, Joe S., Sr. (Memorial)

Williams, Louise (Fairview)

Williams, Mattie L. (New)

Williams, Mike McDowell (Fairview)

Williams, Nell Vinnie Wright (Fairview)

Williams, Neufalla Parks (Fairview)

Williams, Oscar "Dub" (Fairview)

Willoughby, Charlie (Memorial)

Willoughby, Nellie H. (Memorial)

Willoughby, Weyman (Memorial)

Willson, Leroy M. (Old)

Willson, Lou Johnson (Old)

Willson, Susie Estelle (Old)

Wilson, Eugenia A. (Fairview)

Wilson, Genie Maude (Fairview)

Wilson, Guy C. (Fairview)

Wilson, Jacob Martin, Sr. (Fairview)

Wilson, Kate Grier (Memorial)

Wilson, Leroy M. (Old)

Wilson, Martin A. (Fairview)

Wilson, Miriam Cox (Fairview)

Wilson, Porter Grier (Memorial)

Wilson, Tabitha (Old)

Wilson, William (Fairview)

Wilson, Willie Asbury (Old)

Wilson, Winnie Davis (Fairview)

Winburn, Albert Cleora Thrasher (New)

Winburn, Margaret L. Thomas (New)

Winburn, Rev. William Dempsey (New)

Winder, Molissie Miles (Fairview)

Winder, Oscar (Fairview)

Wingfield, A. Louisa (Old)

Wingfield, Anna Hill (Old)

Wingfield, Augustin S. (Old)

Wingfield, Florida Randolph (Old)

Wingfield, Frances Helen Bell (Unknown)

Wingfield, Frances Sturges (Old)

Wingfield, John W. (Old)

Wingfield, Julia Smith Lea (Old)

Wingfield, Marcellua Alfred (Old)

Wingfield, Marcus A. (Old)

Wingfield, Mary M. Cunningham (Old)

Wingfield, Samuel Barnett (Memorial)

Winter, Albert H. (New)

Winter, Dora Turnell (New)

Winter, Henry Frank (New)

Winter, John Fred (New)

Winter, Mary Barnes (New)

Winter, Robert C. "Bob" (New)

Wise, Annie S. Baldwin (Memorial)

Wise, Blannie Elizabeth (New)

Wise, Clara S. (New)

Wise, Edgar Hay (New)

Wise, Edgar Hay Jr. (New)

Wise, Edith Webster (New)

Wise, Walter Webster Sr. (Memorial)

Withrow, James Lincoln (Fairview)

Wittich, Ella (Old)

Wittich, Ernest C. (Old)

Wittich, Ida (Old)

Wittich, Joice H. (Old)

Wittich, Laura (Old)

Wittich, Lucuis L. (Old)

Wommack, Alleyne Tully (Memorial)

Wood, Estelle (Memorial)

Wood, Helen Newsome (Fairview)

Wood, Henry (Memorial)

Wood, Sandra Lee (Memorial)

Wood, William Edward (Memorial)

Woodard, Audrey L. Starling (Memorial)

Woods, Burnett (Memorial)

Woods, Janie A. (Fairview)

Woods, William W. (Old)

Wooten, Jewel Edna Dicken (Unknown)

Workman, Dora Lee Baldwin (Memorial)

Workman, George (Memorial)

Worley, Eli A. (New / Confederate Sec.)

Worley, Nina Conner (Memorial)

Worley, Roy T. (Memorial)

Wright, Edward P. (Fairview)

Wright, Emoline Obedience (New)

Wright, Tanji Rollins (Memorial)

Wyatt, Annie Bell Jackson (Fairview)

Wyatt, Fred (Fairview)

Wyatt, Kenny (Fairview)

Wyatt, Ronald (Fairview)

Wyatt, Ronald Christopher (Fairview)

Wyatt, Thomas H. (Old)