NOTE: Old, New, Fairview, and Memorial each refers to one of the four cemeteries that make up Madison's Historic Cemeteries. See maps here.


Surname - M

Maddox, John Charles (Memorial)
Maddox, John P. (Fairview)
Maddox, John Wright (New)
Maddox, John Wright, Jr. (New)
Maddox, Mary Nell Sims (Fairview) 
Maddox, Robert L. (Fairview)
Maddux, Luther F. (New)
Maddux, Sarah Dickens (New)
Maddox, William Elijah (New)
Malcom, Annie Smith (Fairview)
Mallary, Charles (Old)
Mallary, Mary (Old)
Mallory, George Ernest (Old)
Malone, Mrs. William H. (New)
Malone, Virginia Cooper (New)
Malone, William H. (New)
Malone, Willie Mae (New)
Maloney, Ronald L. (Fairview)
Manley, Reid Walton (New)
Manley, Susan Reid Walton  (New)
Manley, William Fletcher, Sr. (New)
Manley, William Fletcher, Jr. (New)
Mann, E.A. (Old)
Mann, James N. (Old)
Mann, Reuben E. (Old)
Mann, Susan T. (Old)
Manuel, Jessie Bass (Fairview)
Manuel, Mack (Fairview)
Manuel, Max Jr. (Fairview)
Manuel, William (Fairview)
Mapp, Corris W. (Fairview)

Mapp, Elizabeth (Fairview)
Mapp, Hattie L. (New) 
Mapp, Julia Mae King (Fairview)

Mapp, Leona Binion Boone (Fairview)
Mapp, Lucas G. (New)
Mapp, Marvin (Fairview)
Mapp, Olga (Fairview)
Mapp, Oscar (New)
Mapp, Soncie (Fairview)
Marbert, Jesse Carroll "J.C." (Memorial)
Marbert, Joann Pullen (Memorial)

Marbry, Ida Marie Jones Veasley (Fairview)

Marett, Robert Elliott (Memorial)
Markham, Charles Butler (Old)
Markham, Eddie (Old)
Markham, Harriet Emma (Old)
Markham, Lester (Old)
Markham, Lester Granville (Old)
Markham, Mary A. Peck (Old)
Markham, Orrin H. (Old)
Markham, Oscar (Old)

Marshall, William E. (Memorial)
Marston, Capt. Henry, Jr. (Old)
Martin, Bryan  (Old)
Martin, Charlie Burnett (New)

Martin, Donna Healy (Memorial)
Martin, Elizabeth (New)

Martin, Elizabeth T. (Memorial)

Martin, Emma Marie Bass (Fairview)
Martin, Elmira Smith (Old)
Martin, Felix Bryan (Old)
Martin, Frances Cornelia Bryan (Old)
Martin, George Randolph (New)
Martin, Harmon (New)
Martin, J.G. (New)
Martin, James Edward (Old)
Martin, John Boline (Memorial)

Martin, John Charles (Memorial)

Martin, John Grieves (New)

Martin, John Wesley  (New)
Martin, Margaret A. Fears (Old)
Martin, Mary Burnett (New)
Martin, Mary Wright (New)
Martin, Morris M. (Fairview)
Martin, Nannie B. Morris (Fairview)
Martin, Ollive Olieva (New)
Martin, Paul Esper (Fairview) 
Martin, Paul Lindsey (Fairview)
Martin, Peyton Randolph (New)
Martin, Rebecca (Fairview)

Martin, Robert Ellis (Memorial)

Martin, Susan Maxey Almand Martin (New)
Martin, Virginia Louise (Fairview) 
Martin, William F. (New)
Mason, Ammer Biddy (Fairview)
Mason, Charles L., Sr. (Fairview) 
Mason, Charlie Ross (Fairview)
Mason, Clyde David (Memorial)

Mason, Edith Wise (Memorial)
Mason, Ernest Ponder (Fairview) 
Mason, Ernestine P. (Fairview)

Mason, Mark C. (Memorial)
Mason, Sallie Mae Martin (Memorial)

Massey, Annie Maude (Fairview)
Massey, E.J. (Old / Confederate Sec.)

Massey, Evie Mae (Fairview) 
Massey, J. Cullen (Fairview)
Massey, John Anderson (Fairview)
Massey, John Morgan (Memorial)
Massey, Laura "Polly" Baldwin (Memorial)
Massey, Marlon Dominique (Memorial)

Massey, Richard Zannie (Fairview)

Mathews, J.H. (New)
Mathis, Lee Rogers (Fairview)
Matthews, W.F. (New)
Matthews, William M. (New)
Mauldin, Eugenia "Gena" Evans (Old)

Maxey, Betty Lynell Brandon (Memorial)

Maxey, Kelly Reid (Memorial)

Maxey, Thomas Gene (Memorial)
Mayer, Claire Gaissert (Old)
Mayer, Frank L. Mayer (Old)
McAdams, Alma Brown (New)
McAdams, Ira W. (Fairview)
McAdams, J.B. (New)
McAdams, Jessie M. (Fairview) 
McAdams, John Martin (Fairview)
McAdams, John R. Sr. (New)
McAdams, John R. Jr. (New)
McAdams, Mother (Fairview) 
McAdams, Percy Q. (Fairview)
McAdams, William B. (New)
McAdams, Willie Hale (Fairview)
McAllister, J.A. (New / Confederate Sec.)

McArthur, Ethel (Memorial)

McBride, Frances Jackson (Memorial)

McBride, Robert D. (Memorial)
McCarter, Joseph G. (Fairview)

McCarty, Rev. W.S. (Old)
McClesky, Edward Lee (Old)
McCloud, Charles Westly (Fairview)
McClure, Infant (Memorial)
McClure, Mary G. Moseley (Memorial)
McClure, Nelda Kell (Memorial)
McClure, Walter Morris Sr. (Memorial)
McClure, William Leonard (Memorial)
McClusky, J.T. (New)
McClusky, Mattie M. (New)
McClusky, W.N. (New)

McCray, Charlotte Ruth Lloyd (Fairview)

McCray, James Alston (Fairview)
McCray, Priscilla S. Johnson (Fairview)
McCurry, Richmond Walton (New)
McCutcheon, (New)ton C.

                  (Old / Confederate Sec.)
McDaniel, Annette Gresham (Old)
McDonald, Fletcher (New)
McElreath, Infant (Old)

McGeary, Emma Virginia (New)

McGeary, Eunice Valentine (Memorial)
McGeary, William Clyde Jr. (Memorial)

McGhee, Andrew (Fairview)

McGhee, Ida Mae (Fairview)
McGowen, G.F. (New)

McGuire, Fred (Fairview)
McGuire, Maggie Bell (Fairview)
McGuire, Rosa Moore (Fairview)
McHan, Georgia Ann (Fairview)
McHan, James Newton (Fairview) 
McHan, Josie J. (Fairview)
McHenry, Harriot C.T. (Old)
McHenry, James W. (Old)

McHenry, John Grieve Sr. (Old)
McHenry, John Grieve Jr.  (Old)
McHenry, Zoe Blackshire (Old)

McHugh, Colbert Foster, Sr. (Memorial)
McHugh, James Edward (Memorial)
McHugh, James Franklin (Memorial)
McHugh, Janice Lynn (Memorial)

McHugh, Mack Russell, Jr. (Memorial)
McHugh, Mack Russell Sr. (Memorial)
McHugh, Marie H. (Memorial)
McHugh, Phillip C. (Memorial)
McHugh, Phillip C. Jr. (Memorial)
McHugh, Willie Mae Few (Memorial)
McIntosh, Mary Henrietta Lewis (Old)
McIntyre, Andrew (Memorial)
McIntyre, Clarence Thomas (Memorial)
McIntyre, Grace G. Gilbert (Memorial)
McKenney, Benjamin Lumpkin (Memorial)
McKenney, Mary Frances (Memorial)
McKinney, Mary Freeman (New)
McKinnon, Barney Terrell (Old)

McLeod, Mary Summers (Memorial)
McLeroy, Foster Allen (New)
McLeroy, J.M.  (New)
McLeroy, Little Mac (New)

McNair, George Ray Sr. (Memorial)_
McNeese, Vernon (Fairview)
McNulty, Jack Harris (Fairview) 
McNulty, William D., Jr. (Fairview)

McRay, Huey (Fairview)
McRee, James Rowan (New)
McRee, Madge Bearden (New)
McWhorter, Hattie L. (Fairview)
McWhorter, Henry C. (New)
McWhorter, Mattie Wallace (New)
Mealor, Bonnie W. (Memorial)
Mealor, Harrison T. (Memorial)
Mealor, Marvin J. (Memorial)
Mealor, Virginia Faye Reynolds (Memorial)
Meeler, Guy Henderson (Memorial)
Meeler, Hattie Lee Brown (Memorial)
Meeler, John Henry (Memorial)

Meeler, Ralph (Memorial)

Meeler, Willie Mae (Memorial)
Meiere, Dr. William S. (Old)
Meiere, Emily "Jewel" (Old)

Messer, William Deward (Memorial)
Messer, Brandon Ferris (Memorial)
Metcalf, Arthur  Honey (Fairview)
Metcalf, Dollie (Fairview)
Metcalf, Richard (Fairview)
Michael, Joseph Cain (Memorial)
Michael, Leila N. (Memorial)
Middlebrooks, Louise Foster (Old)

Mikolasek, Milon J. (Fairview)

Miles, Erma Lela Tuck (Memorial)

Miles, Jimmy (Fairview)

Miles, Toy (Fairview)

Milford, Franklin H. (Memorial)

Milford, Harry Edward (Memorial)

Milford, Mary Emily (Memorial)

Miller, Eliza (New)

Miller, Jeptha Long (New)

Miller, Stephen Elbert Sr. (Memorial) 

Milliken, Annette T. (Memorial)

Millwood, Minnie Crane (Fairview)

Millwood, William G. (Fairview)

Milstead, Evelyn Davis (Memorial)

Milstead, Milton George (Memorial)

Mines, W.G. (New)

Minish, Ralph W. (Fairview)

Minish, Thomas Lamar (Fairview)

Mitchell, Annie Bell Morris (Fairview)

Mitchell, George F. (Fairview)

Mitchem, Charles W. "C.W." (Memorial)

Mitchem, Mildred Fay Brown (Memorial)

Mize, Sarah Thompson (Memorial)

Mize, James Louis (Memorial)

Moody, Dolly (New)

Moody, Irena (New)

Moody, John Lee (Memorial)

Moody, Mamie (New)

Moody, Pansy (New)

Moody, Titus (New)

Moody, William L. (New)

Moon, Charles Henry (Fairview)

Moon, James Monroe Sr. (Fairview)

Moon, Jessie Odelia Whitley (Fairview)

Moon, Theodore Porter (Fairview)

Moore, Annie F. Bass (Fairview)

Moore, Bennie Paul (Fairview)

Moore, Cleveland G. (New)

Moore, Edna P. Cochran (Memorial)

Moore, Eugene Harold (Memorial)

Moore, Hawesie Vickers (Old)

Moore, John Henry (Fairview)

Moore, John L. Sr. (Fairview)

Moore, John L. Jr. (Fairview)

Moore, Johnnie (Fairview)

Moore, Joseph Key (New)

Moore, Lizzie Richardson (New)

Moore, Mattie Lee (Fairview)

Moore, Sidney Sr. (New)

Moore, Sophia Ann Terrell (Fairview)

Moore, Thomas Reid (Memorial)

Moore, Will (Fairview)

Morcock, William J. (New)

Moreland, Annie Mae Burnett (Fairview)

Moreland, John Henry (Fairview)

Morgan, Dr. William W. (Old)

Morgan, J. Hulme (Old)

Morgan, Julia Baker (Old)

Morgan, Mary Belle (Old)

Morgan, Irene Victoria Gresham (Old)

Morris, B. Ethel Rice (Fairview)

Morris, Benita Rogers (Fairview)

Morris, Christine Davis (Fairview)

Morris, Clifford O. (Fairview)

Morris, Edra M. (Fairview)

Morris, Edward F. (Fairview)

Morris, Irene D. (Fairview)

Morris, John A. (Fairview)

Morris, Johnny Jay (Fairview)

Morris, Kathleen B. (New)

Morris, Kathryn Langford (Memorial)

Morris, Nora B. Anderson (Fairview)

Morris, Oliver Harris (Memorial)

Morris, Paul Anthony (Fairview)

Morris, Richard Harris (Memorial)

Morris, Robert B., Jr. (Fairview)

Morris, Robert B., Sr. (Fairview)

Morris, Thomas J. (Fairview)

Morris, Walter Lewis (Fairview)

Morris, Wiley Hix (Fairview)

Morris, William Bolen (Fairview)

Morrow, Cleo Victoria Morris (Fairview)

Morrow, Julia A. (Old)

Mosley, Jeffery Lamar (Memorial)

Moss, Billie Wallace (Fairview)

Moss, Coleman A. (Memorial)

Moss, Farris Everett (Memorial)

Moss, George Columbus (Memorial)

Moss, John Columbus (Memorial)

Moss, John Columbus (Fairview)

Moss, Juliette (Memorial)

Moss, Lee R., Jr. (Memorial)

Moss, Lena H. (Memorial)

Moss, Lucille Stone (Fairview)

Moss, Mable Lucille (Memorial)

Moss, Melvin (Memorial)

Moss, Velma Mae Young (Fairview)

Mumfort, Margaret A. (Old)

Murray, Elder Harold Jr. (Fairview)

Murray, Johnny Daniel (Memorial)

Mustin, Anna Maria (Old)

Mustin, Anne M. (Old)

Mustin, Edwin A. (Old)

Mustin, Junie Whatley Wright (New)

Mustin, Milton Antony (Old)

Mustin, Sarah (Old)

Mustin, William Richter (New)